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Choosing Business Research Paper Topic:

❶Accounting essays Architecture essays Business essays Coursework Economics essays Education essays Engineering essays English language essays English literature essays. You are suggested to use this paper carefully because it is expensive as compared with other papers available in the markets.

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Analyze the financial documents of the business, which might include a balance sheet, cash flow statement, annual budget, accounts receivable aging report, debt breakdown, profit-and-loss statement and year-end tax return. This helps spot potential problems in a business that is currently profitable. Marketing is much more than just advertising, public relations and promotions. It includes the cornerstone areas of product, price, place of sale and promotion.

Analyze the potential effect of raising and lowering the price of the product. Look at where the product is being sold and the costs of each distribution channel.

Review the marketing communications efforts and the return on investment for each. Review how the company is organized, in terms of its management, staff, departments and divisions. Review the company handbook, organization chart and any written processes and procedures the company has. Determine if the company has the right people in the right positions using the right operating principles for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Make recommendations for addressing each area. Include a cover page, contents page, executive summary, informational sections, summary and appendix. An executive summary highlights your findings without providing support. Your summary should reiterate the findings in the executive summary and also include recommendations based on the support provided in the main body of the paper.

Sam Ashe-Edmunds has been writing and lecturing for decades. On your first page of your document, create your title page. Hit enter five times to move down towards the center of the page. Center your cursor, and type your title with standard capitalization. Hit enter again, and type your name. Hit enter once more, and type the educational institution with which you are affiliated.

Your business professor may request additional information on this title page. If he does, follow his directions to modify your title page accordingly. Start a new page to compose your abstract. Center the cursor, and type "Abstract" at the top of the page. Align your cursor to the left, and compose a to word explanation of your paper. Include a summary of your paper as a whole, as well as an explanation of the research practices you followed if you conducted any research studies as you completed your paper.

Do not indent your abstract. Write the body of your paper. After starting a new paper, compose the body of your paper. Indent each paragraph of your body, and include in-text citations next to any quotations or paraphrases within your paper. To create an in-text citation, include the last name of the author, followed by a comma and finally the year of publication in parenthesis.

Create a references page. The last page of your paper should include your references in APA style. To create your bibliography page, start a new page, type "Bibliography" centered at the top. Consult the current APA guide for specifics on each reference type depending upon the type of resources you used. Place each reference on a separate line, and list any reference that you consulted while composing your business paper.

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Move through your paper step by step and follow the APA standards to ensure that your paper is in the proper APA style. Follow general APA formatting guidelines. Before you begin the composition of your business paper, set the margins to one inch on all sides.

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