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Modern Love Essay That Causes the Delight

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What Is a Modern Love Essay and Can Someone Tell This for Sure?

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As far as essayists are concerned, there is no bigger platform. One former contributor to the column called it the literary equivalent of landing a spot on American Idol.

For instance, I read that one of the essays chosen in had better odds as it focused on Mormonism because Mitt Romney was running for president. Even still, timing is always tricky. Last year I wrote an essay about my mom. Still, I ended up waiting four months for a reply, only to be rejected. You just never know how the submission process will go. This year I decided to send in another submission, but change things up a bit. I knew I needed to nail down a unique topic. But I also needed something broader, more captivating, something everyone could relate to.

So I thought about who I love because, after all, the column is about different kinds of love. Coincidentally I had been wanting to write about my girlfriend, Shannon, for a long time.

After channeling my love for her, I had to figure out how to write about our relationship from a unique perspective. I tried to focus on the most abnormal part of our life together. If you read this blog, then you know my life is full of unusual things, but I needed the piece to relate to both of our lives. It felt like I had already written about most of the abnormalities in my life. But I went with my first thought, which was to write about how Shannon and I are confined to such small spaces.

Most couples spend maybe eight hours in bed each day, but we spend all of our time in bed. Though, I had some issues with accuracy on this. By some sort of free-association, I decided to change the last part of the famous line to fit with the circumstances of our relationship.

I write most of my essays about parts of the human experience, many of which are different for sick people. While I wrote the piece, I also researched the types of essays that have been featured in the column in the past.

I religiously listened to the Modern Love podcast, which has celebrities read the essays written for the column, and at the end of each episode Daniel Jones, the editor, gives his take on each work.

I tried to absorb as much of his perspective from the podcast as possible, but I also combed through his posts on the Modern Love Facebook page. That was a big help. I took that to mean: In other words, syntax can always be tweaked later on. This is also my guess because topic and narrative arc seem to be emphasized in Modern Love essays.

I have read a lot of Modern Love essays and, while there are other similarities, the common denominator I always notice is each essay has an unusual perspective on a relatively common subject.

There was the man who dealt with the death of his father through the lens of a dying goldfish, or the lesbian couple who grappled with their evangelical Christian faith, or the single woman who decided to forgo social norms and ask her local baker on a date. When I opened the email from Daniel Jones I was expecting to get a rejection, but at the same time I suspected that he may surprise me.

Mainly because his email came less than two weeks after I submitted the essay and the rejection I got from him last year took four months. This time, I thought, he was either really on top of his rejections or I had just landed the publication of my dreams. I opened the email and found my essay was accepted.

Although I have to admit, I had to read the email several times to make sure it properly registered in my mind. Thankfully, I read correctly. I used to write about port-a-potties. Please check it out. But I did it. I accomplish one of my loftiest goals without leaving my bed.

Beat that George Saunders! Nobody should aim for trying to accomplish anything without leaving bed. Well, except maybe some really good sex. Try to get some really good sleep. In case you missed the link to my Modern Love essay above, you can read it online here.

But also, please consider reading it in print. I think you can get it at just about any Starbucks or chain grocery store. If you would like to donate to support this blog I would be equally grateful! I read the piece aloud to my SO, he was equally as touched. Thank you for sharing a look into the life of someone with MECFS, and for using your talents to spread the word far and wide, well done!

Like Liked by 1 person. Wow all the way from East Africa, Uganda. You have got such a strong and persistent heart …. Just wanted to say I just read your very moving piece in the NYT.

Congratulations on this and please keep writing. What an amazing essay. Wishing you all the best. Here I am, a 68 year old woman who lives miles away from you. I just finished reading your essay, published yesterday in the Sunday NYT, and am in awe of the strength, love, and resolve you share with your Shannon.

Thank you so much. An editor represents only one column or publication, not an industry. If your work gets rejected, try somewhere else. Don't send in your essay when you finish it and feel good about it. Send it in after you've stewed over it, reworked it a few times, and feel so-so or even kind of bad about it. Don't use lazy descriptors like "amazing" or "handsome" or "incredible" in your first paragraph or anywhere else. It's an immediate sign that the writer isn't going to say anything you haven't heard a thousand times before.

What's your favorite Modern Love column of all time? I can't pick favorites from so many, but if I limit myself to the last few months, I'd say the essay I found most artful and emotional was "One Bouquet of Fleeting Beauty, Please," by Alisha Gorder. If you were to write a Modern Love essay today, what would it be about?

I guess you could say it's about the love of whitewater and of being off the grid for seven days. If I read it all the way through even when I don't want or intend to, and the writer sticks the landing nails the ending.

And if I haven't run anything like it for many months. How has the column evolved? Has your vision of the column changed at all?

Modern Love Essay Writing Tips for the Inspiration

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Dave Barry, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author of the New York Times' "This Land" column, wrote this essay about his daughter's dying of the few Modern Love pieces that isn't. Modern Love Essay That Causes the Delight. In the modern world, everything is available to us. You can be anyone by profession, travel, study all the time, buy yourself a hundred different things and trifles.

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