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Table of change Kaleidoscope for Faslane

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❶The driving factors of Faslane which needed change were cost and operational effectiveness. So to use it, sometime they did unnecessary expenses.

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When, in July , London was announced as the winner of the Olympic bidding process to host the Games it started one of the most expensive, Dartford crossing consisted of two tunnels, one North bound, the other South bound.

Faslane was expanded in the s when the decision was taken by the British Government to develop Trident. The Project Faslane was expanded in the s when the decision was taken by the British Government to develop Trident. More than 6, civilians and Service personnel are employed on the site.

The Players Costain was selected to adapt the base to suit Trident and they in turn chose Durey Castings Ltd to fabricate, test and deliver the spring assisted lift, highly secure bunker covers and frames to the project. Our quality assurance certificate helped gain this work at the time as virtually every supplier had yet to commence their own certification. Durey Castings were the first in the access cover industry to be awarded a QA certificate by BSI, and the rd company in any industry throughout the world.

The design of cover chosen was very challenging. Each one had to withstand immense loads, be secure to all but a few operators and contained a top overcoat of a specially prepared non-slip solution. The units were fabricated by Eccles Limited, tested before despatch and delivered under high security to a tight schedule. Durey Castings were highly praised by all concerned at the completion of the contract and this led to them gaining many more government contracts over the years since.

The Postscript The project was completed in early s. Costain gained a reputation for delivering projects on time and in budget, part thanks to the role of Durey Castings Ltd in providing a quality product to an exacting specification to schedule. The target was achieved by Faslane and also was considered best which was achieved with a significant change. In case of Faslane we observe strategic change in terms of strategy, structure, processes, system, and culture.

The change process has been analyzed through the analyzing of the impacts of change. In addition, Lynch Model has been used to identify the strategic leadership style in the organization. Furthermore, Conclusion has been given at last in order to summarize the report. Ministry of Defence MOD and the Royal Navy were managing Faslane until they decided to partner with Babcock Marine which is a private sector company and a part of Babcock International in the year The main aim of such partnering agreement was for the purpose of reducing cost and improving their services.

During change, organizing and bringing together a wide range of implementation options and related features is very important and this purpose is fulfilled by Change Kaleidoscope. We will be analyzing the change process in Faslane with the help of this model. We have used Change Kaleidoscope to analyze the change process in Faslane; which can also be seen in below figure 2. Also, it made the implementations much easy as the changes were starting from low-levels.

Previously, facilities and infrastructures were the main focus of the staffs but not the people. Importance of inward looking was majorly emphasized by the new management team during the change context. During the course of the change, Babcock mainly emphasized on increasing the efficiency with no compromise in maintaining the quality of services. This was achieved by bringing skilled employees and changing the mindsets of people in the Faslane. The employees were provided with flexibility in their wok by giving them with opportunities to maintain themselves, preparing plans and forming their own teams by the management.

As for the diversity factor, the management team was mixed with various skilled people Navy and Civilians and reduced. Now for capability; majority of staffs had no experience in change and were not fully ready for the change.

Due to the fixed budget of Faslane, its capacity was considered to be positive. High skills of the people made it easy to overcome the impacts of the change. However, its previous experiences and exceptional capabilities and skills helped them to become ready for the change. Also, lack of experience of any sort of change made the employees doubtful of the change. They were fearing that the change will not be beneficial for them. This technique is used to identify and analyze the positive factors of a situation that helps and negative factors that hinder an entity in achieving its objective.

And, we have used Force field analysis to analyze the factors that are for and against the change which can be seen in figure 2. As for the driving factors, MOD was in real need for cost saving reducing cost while also improving their services and operational efficiency. The change was welcomed from the top level as well as better quality services was expected by the customers.

There was also diversity growth inside the organization due to the transfer of employees and the change was essential because of the rising sustainable costs and their future vision.

Force field analysis also does the analysis of resisting factors, and there were many resisting factors in Faslane regarding the changes. The workforce at Faslane were implementing and following traditional way of thinking and working as previously they just used to pass time while making money; therefore change would be very difficult for them.

Another main problem in Faslane was existence of bureaucracy, the staffs had very limited autonomy. These all factors shows how important it was for Faslane to go through change in order to cut over the spending.

Therefore, change process was started which was mainly done to save the money while also improving the operational efficiency. The change process helped to change the working ways and mindset of the people at Faslane. It can be considered to be a revolutionary change because it was both cultural as well as strategic change. No incentives to reduce cost. We can see that an organization can get success if it can get positive changes in its management style.

Before, people were not focused as the important element of the organization but the infrastructures were. The management structure was also very complex and huge. The workforce was very accustomed to their daily routines only, and business plans and creativity were not thought to be important. There was seven management layers which makes the organizational structure very huge and to add they practiced traditional management. Also, the unclear responsibilities and roles were also its hindrances.

There was also late adaption to change process from employees as well as management level. Only few people were being able to get benefits from the experience of their leaders because the leaders were bureaucratic too.

Ethnocentric behavior from management level to employee level was also another hindrance. The face of Faslane was changed after it was managed by Babcock Marine.

The traditional mindset of the people was changed by Babcock. With the management responsibility that Babcock got, it brought many workforce to Faslane who had previously experienced and dealt with the change process and this helped in successful implementation of change is Faslane too.

Active participation of employees was the major factor behind the success of the change process. Employees were requested to emphasize and collaborate the importance of change. This helped a lot in strengthening the management.

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Faslane case study. The HM Naval Base Clyde (Faslane) submarine base transitioned from being under the direct control of the MOD (Ministry of Defence) .

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Jan 20,  · The report has been prepared for academic purpose on case study of Faslane, Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde for module Strategic Choice and Impact. It includes various strategic analyses while change process occurs on duration - on Faslane, HMNB.

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May 29,  · After all of this experience with Faslane case study, I can say that strategic change is not a piece of cake. Although, the strategic change process can be made much manageable and systematic with the help of management models like Change Kaleidoscope, Force field analysis, Johnson’s Cultural Web, and McKinsey’s 7s Model. What is the type of change being pursued at Falsane? - What is an organizational change? FASLANE - Case Study Describe the change styles of Howie and Lockart.

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Jan 19,  · This case study is basically about Faslane’s success with the implementation of strategic changes. The strategic change process of faslane is both emergent and intended. Intended strategy change process is more of a formal type of strategy change process. Research Paper on SEO Business Research Papers, words. Today, we live in the era of online business. The introduction of the World Wide Web was the sole factor, which made everything in the world closer to you.