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Explain the main determinants of the level of consumption expenditure in an economy.

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❶Government would be called upon to play a more prominent role in setting up and running institutions to control this complexity. Secondary data beyond are not yet available.

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Determinants of Government Consumption Expenditure in Developing Countries: A Panel Data Analysis
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DETERMINANTS OF GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE expenditures and income by utilizing techniques usual in the study of market economics.2 Starting from some concept of economic welfare, defined in terms of individual choice, they attempt to specify the taxing and spending activities of government that would conduce to the ideal conditions of such welfare.

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The goal of this research is to identify the determinants of the growth of Nigerian government expenditure since the present civilian regime came to power in Although, there are some works that discuss this thematic, this work offers an original contribution in order to empirically point the relevant determinants.

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government health expenditure (Musgrove et al. ). Another study by Gaag and Stimac using cross section data from a countries in found that income elasticity for health expenditure was Explain the main determinants of the level of consumption expenditure in an economy. Consumption expenditure (C) is one of four elements, which denotes the total spending on goods and services produced in an economy.

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determinants of government expenditure in a developing economy like Nigeria. In addition, the paucity of empirical studies on this topical issue is most striking in the. The paper focuses on the recent pattern of government consumption expenditure in developing countries and estimates the determinants which have influenced government expenditure.