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Ideas for a Toulmin Argument

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❶Why is depression such a widespread mental illness in developed nations?

The Toulmin Model of Argument Essay Sample

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Choose a topic that has a variety of opinions on a political, environmental, health-related or cultural issue for a Toulmin argument paper or speech. Political topics like abortion or the death penalty are good fits for a Toulmin argument because they allow you to state your opinion and also have opposing points of view that you can use for the rebuttal portion of the paper.

Find a list of political topics on academic websites like procon. For example, write about animal testing and the need for more laws to prevent it. Or, write about the debate over whether churches, synagogues and mosques should pay taxes. Water quality, energy conservation, drought, air quality and biodiversity or endangered species are environmental issues suitable for Toulmin arguments, because they include several different perspectives you may use for a clear claim as well as rebuttals.

Find a list of environmental topics on websites like Science Daily. For example, craft a paper about the loss of coral reefs around the world and include recommendations to improve the situation. Or, discuss declining air quality and ways scientists suggest to combat it. Find a list of health topics affecting the globe at the World Health Organization website.

Differing approaches to health problems can serve as good claims for a Toulmin argument as well as rebuttals. Write about the increase in diseases such as diabetes and cancer around the world and ways to prevent them. Or, craft an argument in support of telemedicine and mobile technology and how they bring health care for people living in remote areas. Another option could be writing about an individual health choice like vegetarianism. Illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans who need work.

What is it like? How should it be classified? How can it be defined? How do we interpret it? Does its meaning shift in particular contexts? Alcoholism is a disease, not a vice. We need to define the term family before we can talk about family values. Date rape is a violent crime.

How did this happen? What led up to this? What are its effects? What will this produce? The introduction of the computer into university writing classes has enhanced student writing ability. The popularity of the Internet has led to a rise in plagiarism amongst students. The economic boom of the s was due in large part to the skillful leadership of the executive branch.

Is it good or bad? What do these people value? What value system will be used to judge? Doctor-assisted suicide is immoral. Dancing is good, clean fun. What should we do? How are we to act? What policy should we take? What course of action should we take to solve this problem? Welfare programs should not be dismantled. Every person in the United States should have access to federally-funded health insurance. Just about any given topic can lend itself to be stated as one of the five types of claims.

For example, the topic of gun control could be approached from any of the five different types of claims:. There are serious restrictions on our Constitutional right to bear arms. Laws governing the sale of firearms such as assault weapons and handguns do not constitute an infringement on our right to bear arms. It will argue for a particular definition that excludes the writing of laws that relate to ownership of firearms. Tougher laws governing the sale of handguns would mean a decrease in the number of homicides each year.

It will use statistics, facts, and analogies from other places where similar things have been done. The right to bear arms is still an important civil right in the United States. It will probably appeal to authorities, such as the Constitution, to history, and to long-held customs. The sale of assault weapons in the United States should be banned. Stephen Toulmin was born in London, England, on March 25, He earned a Master of Arts degree in and a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in from Cambridge University, but he has spent most his life teaching at universities in the United States.

Toulmin published Uses of Argument in Philosophers in England were critical of the book as they were more interested in the study of formal logic; so, at the time, the book was received poorly in England. However, it was well received in the United States within the departments of Speech and English, or at Schools of Law, because of its application to practical reasoning.

His work has been influential in contemporary rhetorical theory and argumentation theory. MCNY students should be given mandatory drug tests each semester. Knowing who is using drugs will give the college valuable information. Single parents in New York City more than anywhere in the country. This problem is due to lack of community support and the anonymity of the city. Gay marriage should be federally legalized. Allowing all committed couples to marry is a matter of civil rights in this country.

There are over 1, federal rights and privileges granted only to straight couples that marry. Legal Reasoning is a reasonable reasoning before the decision had been made.

Legal reasoning required us to consider the criteria beyond those imposed by the strict necessity of logic. It has followed certain criteria or rules which applied in practical reasoning. For an example, a judge has to give judgment by following the precedent case and Federal Constitution, legislators have to predict the impact of However, acquisition of reasoning skills requires much from students. It requires good study habits and positive attitudes, as well as good contextual reinforcers and influences.

Many educators have noted that learning is dynamic and that it does not occur Every big decision begins with the process of critical thinking.

Critical thinking plays a huge role in everyday decision making whether it be at work or personal.

We can also identify three other important parts of an argument

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Sample Toulmin Argument. Now that you have had the chance to learn about Toulmin, it’s time to see what a Toulmin argument might look like. Below, you’ll see a sample argumentative essay, written according to MLA formatting guidelines, with a particular emphasis on Toulmin elements.

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Toulmin's model reminds us that arguments are generally expressed with qualifiers and rebuttals rather than Toulmin model as a basis for structure and organization. We might organize our essay in the following manner.

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The Toulmin Model of Argument Essay Sample. In his work on logic and argument, The Uses of Argument, Stephen Toulmin indicates three major, necessary parts of an argument, along with three additional, optional parts. The Toulmin Model, a dynamic foundation of structured analysis commonly used to analyze any text in which an argumentative statement develops through the essential elements which goes to define the Toulmin process.

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Toulmin Argument Sample/Example Here is a sample Toulmin argumentation. The example provided will relatively help you get a clearer . Toulmin Model of Argument. Stephen Toulmin, originally a British logician, is now a professor at USC. this is the type of claim that is an appropriate thesis for an English 1A essay or research paper. The second triad of the Toulmin model involves three additional elements.