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We offer our customers a wide range of writing services. Cheap Custom Writing Service. Our skilled and competent team of writers and researchers are familiar and comfortable with all type of formats and academic standards and create your papers based on your instructions and requirements. Ask for a quote. As if that wasn't enough, he must brave the sleepless dragon who guarded the Fleece. Jason accomplished all these tasks with the help of Medea, Aeetes' daughter, who had fallen in love with him.

You see, Athena and the goddess Hera, who had helped Jason and the Argonauts throughout the voyage, had asked the goddess of love Aphrodite to intervene. Aphrodite instructed her son, Eros, to let fly an arrow at the heart of beautiful Medea the moment she laid eyes on Jason. Sure enough, the mischievous Eros did what he does best and Medea fell madly in love with our hero Jason. It's a good thing, too! Medea was a powerful witch and she gave Jason a charm which, when sprinkled on himself and his weapons, would make them invincible for a day.

Jason subdued the bulls as they rushed him from their lair, breathing flames of fire from their nostrils. He harnessed them to the yoke and drove them over the field, casting the dragon's teeth into the furrows. In no time a wild-looking and ferocious army of creeps had sprouted forth and as one they attacked Jason. He dispatched a bunch of them with his sword and then, remembering Medea's words, he flung a stone in their midst.

Just like she had told Jason, his attackers turned on each other and within moments they all lay dead, as the Argonauts cheered and King Aetes gritted his teeth. The King returned to his palace, determined that Jason would never have the Golden Fleece, but Hera was looking out for the Argonauts. She made Medea, her heart all aflutter for Jason, determined to leave with him.

As the unsuspecting Argonauts celebrated Jason's victory and King Aetes conspired on ways to kill them, she raced to the ship and warned them of her father's deadly plans.

Medea said that her father planned on burning the Argo and slaying its crew and she vowed to help Jason get the Golden Fleece, if only he would take her along with him, away from Colchis. Grateful Jason promised to marry Medea and make her his queen. After all, she had saved his life on more than one occasion.

She urged him to get the Fleece quickly and leave, before they were killed. In the dark of the night they reached the sacred grove where the Golden Fleece hung.

The skilled witch Medea soothed the loathsome and hissing dragon with incantations and then gave Jason drops of a magic potion to sprinkle on its eyelids. With the dragon fast asleep, Jason stealthily unfastened the Fleece from the oak tree and with Medea hurried down to the waiting Argo. King Aeetes started off in pursuit of the Argonauts but could not overtake them.

Medea's brother, Apsyrtus, had also joined her aboard the Argo and during the flight from Colchis Medea killed or took part in the murder of her brother. It is sometimes said that Medea cut her brother limb from limb and threw the pieces into the sea and that, gathering Apsyrtus' limbs, Aeetes fell behind in the pursuit. But some say that it was Jason who cut Apsyrtus into pieces to slow down their pursuers, or even that he was, with Medea's help, treacherously killed by Jason on an island in the mouth of the river Ister now known as the Danube.

As is the case in most of mythology, various sources cite different versions. According to some, King Styrus of Albania, who had come to Colchis to marry Medea at the time when the Argonauts arrived in the country, joined Aeetes, but he drowned during the pursuit. Because of the death of his son King Aeetes gave up the chase and returned to Colchis, but he sent many others to search for the Argonauts, threatening that, if they did not bring the Golden Fleece and his daughter back to him, they should suffer the punishment due to her In the meanwhile, because of the horrendous acts which they had committed, the Argonauts were driven off course by fierce storms that Zeus sent.

The Argo's oracular branch then spoke and said that they should seek purification with Circe, a witch living on the island called Aeaea. The witch Circe, who purified the Argonauts for the murder of Apsyrtus, is sometimes said to be the daughter of the sun god Helios.

But some say that she was the daughter of Aeetes by Hecate. Circe was the one who later would trap Odysseus and his men, turning them into swine. But that's another story When the Argonauts had been purified by Circe they sailed past the Sirens, who tried to attract the crew with their seductive song.

However he was saved by Aphrodite, who carried him away and settled him in Lilybaeum the island of Sicily. During the escape the Argonauts received help from the the goddess Thetis and her Nereids, who were fifty sea-nymphs, in order to avoid the danger of Scylla and Charybdis, sea monsters guarding each side of the passage between Sicily and Italy. Scylla is one of the sea-monsters which was on one side of the Strait of Messina, between Italy and Sicily, the other being Charybdis.

Scylla had the face and upper body of a woman, but from the flanks she had six heads and twelve feet of dogs. He wanted to turn one night into three because he knew the creation of such a great hero as Heracles could not be rushed.

Helios wasn't happy about this but he would never think to disobey the King of the Olympians, so grudgingly he unyoked his team after quenching the solar fires and spent the time in his palace, grumbling about not doing his job properly.

Zeus next had Selene Moon go slowly and Hypnos Sleep to make the world so drowsy that nobody noticed this strange occurrence. Speaking of Heracles, one day the greatest of Greek heroes was busy working and the heat of Helios' beams on his body made him very uncomfortable.

Heracles strung his bow and let fly an arrow at Helios, but immediately realized his mistake and apologized profusely to the sun god. Equally courteous, Helios then gave Heracles a golden goblet, shaped like a water-lily, which he used to sail across the great Oceanus.

One time the sea god Poseidon got into a dispute with Helios over ownership of Corinth, a rich region of Greece. The argument was left to Zeus to decide and the King of the Olympians ruled that Helios could keep the Acropolis of Corinth and Poseidon would possess the Isthmus of Corinth, which greatly displeased the god of the sea.

Since Helios sees everything that happens during the daytime he was the one to inform Hephaestus that his wife Aphrodite was being unfaithful with Ares.

Acting on this information, Hephaestus fashioned a net so fine it was nearly invisible, but strong as steel, and captured the two love birds in bed. To punish Helios for being such a big-mouth, Aphrodite caused him to fall in love with a mortal beauty named Leucothoe, and his seduction of her led to her death.

It was Helios the all-seeing to whom Demeter turned for information when she was seeking her kidnapped daughter, Persephone.

She forced him to admit that indeed it was Hades, god of the Underworld, who had forcibly taken away Demeter's daughter, with the tacit approval of his brother Zeus. In anger she withdrew her services and the earth began to wither and die while Demeter wandered the earth in search of Persephone. Another time the Giants attacked Mount Olympus and threatened to overthrow Zeus. These Giants were long-haired and bearded and had serpent tails for feet.

Sons of Mother Earth Gaea , the Giants numbered twenty-four. Told that he had to find a certain herb of invulnerability before his enemies, Zeus commanded Helios and his sister Selene, the moon goddess, to stop shining for a while.

Under the cover of darkness, guided only by the feeble light of the stars, Zeus groped around the earth until he found the plant and brought it safely to Olympus. Shortly thereafter the Giants were defeated. One of the worst things a mortal could do was to compare themselves to a god, and Helios was no different in resenting such stupid boasts. Even though he wasn't a mean god, still he felt he had to punish those who disrespected the Olympian gods.

A huntress named Arge was quite full of herself and in her mind thought that she was the fastest being alive. One time, while pursuing a stag, this vain woman claimed that she would catch it even if it ran as fast as Helios.

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