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What is Jhumpa Lahiri’s writing style?

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❶Sen hates driving nothing's clearer, by the way, than the sentences: The style is almost too minimalistic, jumping from observation to observation, action to action, like a film without the visual prowess of imagery and symbolism.

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by Jhumpa Lahiri

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jhumpa lahiri has a beautifully complex and innovative writing style. She uses mundane everyday words to create a poignant scene that always stays with the the language is lucid and can be understood with ease.

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The Namesake, on the other hand is written with stirring simplicity. Just look at the first sentence of the novel: Just look at the first sentence of the novel: On a sticky August evening two weeks before her due date, Ashima Ganguli stands in the kitchen of a Central Square apartment, combining Rice Krispies and Planters peanuts and chopped red .

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Lahiri stretches the moment out so that, when we finally get to the last moment, it feels like a real ending. Nothing rushed, no take-backs or do-overs, nothing impulsive. After reading one of Lahiri's stories, you know the decisions that are made at the end have been thought out thoroughly and are final. Lahiri’s Writing Style Having read Lahiri’s novel, The Namesake, it is apparent that she occasionally adopts a particular writing style, by which she projects thoughts into future.

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May 19,  · Her writing style is so beautiful yet simple that you take every breath with her characters. Author Jhumpa Lahiri, JCU Writer in Residence, to Receive National Humanities Medal She brings a sense of uncertainty in her writing that human mind is . Jhumpa Lahiri's Writing Style She published many short stories in the New Yorker such as the Interpreter of Maladies, the Unaccustomed Earn, and the amazing novel Namesake. Jhumpa Lahiri studied at Barnard College in New York, focusing on English Literature.