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Is Television Bad Influence or Not?

Media Influences on Obesity

❶Companies strive to be seen in a positive manner so that parents and children like them. If children are always viewing their favorite characters using violence or aggression to get what they want, children will do the same.

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Living in high-poverty areas can also mean that children have limited access to suitable outdoor spaces for exercise.

If the street is the only option available to children in which to play, they or their parents may prefer them to stay inside in a safer environment. Hispanic youth and non-Hispanic black youth are more likely to come from lower-income families than non-Hispanic white youth. This statistic suggests that the effects of living with a low income that increase the risk of obesity may be felt much more by African-American and Latino families and their children.

Not only do these socioeconomic factors increase the risk of obesity among these demographic groups but equally obesity can compromise a family's economic standing. Additionally, as obese and overweight girls frequently start puberty at a younger-than-average age, there is a possibility that their risk of adolescent pregnancy is also higher.

Alongside these socioeconomic factors, a number of additional factors exist that may be linked to an increased prevalence of childhood obesity among Hispanic and non-Hispanic black youth. The NAACP give one such example, stating that one component of body image is how a person believes others view them or accept their weight:. Cultural norms such as these may lead to parents remaining satisfied with the weight of their children or even wanting them to be heavier, even if they are at an unhealthy weight.

Other sociological studies have also suggested that among Hispanic families, women may prefer a thin figure for themselves but a larger one for their children, according to Caprio, et al. As well as being influenced by socioeconomic status, the type of foods eaten by children can be influenced by the cultural traditions of their families. As mentioned earlier, the promotion of a processed food culture may be a contributing factor to childhood obesity.

As fast food companies target specific audiences, favoring cultural forms associated with a particular race or ethnicity could increase children's risk of being exposed to aggressive marketing. The amount of television that is watched may contribute as well; one study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation observed that African-American children watched television for longer periods than non-Hispanic white children.

A number of these cultural factors are associated with socioeconomic factors. African-American children may be more likely to watch television for longer, for example, if they live in areas where opportunities for playing safely outside are limited. This subject area is far too detailed to do justice to in an article of this size, but these brief observations suggest that there should be ways in which the disparity in childhood obesity between racial and ethnic groups can be addressed.

Having more safe spaces to walk, exercise and play in low-income areas would give children a better opportunity to get the exercise need to burn the required number of calories each day.

Improving the availability of and access to healthy food would give families more options when it came to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. The NAACP state that low-income neighborhoods have half as many supermarkets as the wealthiest neighborhoods, suggesting that for many low-income families, accessing healthy food can be a challenge. These problems are ones that would need to be solved by local government and businesses that have influence over the planning and development of public living spaces.

Such a framework would involve viewing children "in the context of their families, communities, and cultures, emphasizing the relationships among environmental, biological and behavioral determinants of health. This approach would require large-scale collaboration, involving peer support, the establishment of supportive social norms and both the private and public sector working together. In order for this disparity to be adequately addressed, a lot of work will need to be done.

Not only might certain cultural norms need to be altered, but most importantly, environments will need to be provided in which children will have the opportunity to live as healthy lives as possible.

CDC, Adult overweight and obesity , accessed 23 April CDC, Childhood obesity facts , accessed 23 April

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