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Violence against Women in India Essay

Long and Short Essay on Violence against Women in India in English

❶In that context the causes of violence are rooted in the psyche of human beings-their temperament and the desire they nourish. Sometimes male partner beats his girlfriend for not being physically intimate with him, abuses her for silly reasons, stops her from interacting with her friends, blackmail her emotionally by psychological gimmicks.

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However, the evidences supporting this theory are still weak, and besides, the battery of women has existed long before women were ever allowed to get any education or work Moris, p. Domestic violence has been known to have serious consequences on the health and wellbeing of women. These consequences may be divided into physical and psychological categories.

These crimes take place as part of domestic violence towards women. In addition to the possibility of death, many women tend to suffer permanent disabilities or injuries resulting from battery Moris, p. In countries such as the US and Europe, medical authorities are forced to report to the police any incidents in which the woman suffers a serious injury. In less serious cases, the woman is encouraged to report the injury to the policy, even if it is her husband who has inflicted such injuries upon her.

In other countries where the beating of women is part of traditions, authorities will try not to intervene to protect the woman even if she is seriously injured. The result is that the woman might suffer serious injuries and the doer gets away with his crime only because he is the husband Moris, p. In many cases, battery does not result in any real physical injuries to the woman.

But at the same time, the emotional and psychological consequences may even be much worse than the physical injuries. How do we expect an adult to react to a slap on the face, a punch on the ear, or pulling of the hair, or kicking?

Violence aims at degrading the victims. It aims at reminding the victim that she is weak and unworthy. Indeed, battered women tend to suffer lower levels of self-esteem.

They are degraded by the beating and eventually, they start to perceive themselves as less worthy and valuable than other people are. In fact, many women eventually become convinced that they deserve the beating and humiliation to which they are subjected by their husbands Lowell, p. Another serious consequence of battery on women is that it makes their productivity decline. With low self-esteem, battered women are afraid of competition.

Studies in the workplace in the United States show that battered women are less capable of accomplishing their tasks on time and at the same quality level when compared to other women. For this reason, many big companies have established special counseling services that offer psychological help to battered women so that they can resolve their domestic problems Lowell, p. When a woman gets beaten by her husband in front of her children, her role as a mother and as a representative of authority at home is immediately endangered.

How can a child be expected to obey his or her mother when she is not respected by the husband? In addition to this, if a woman gets beaten up by her husband in front of her children, how can she raise them on the basis that boys and girls are equal? Apparently this is very difficult and even embarrassing to the mother since she will be teaching her children the opposite of what they see with their eyes. The reactions of women to battery tend to vary according to the situation of the family.

However, it is noticed that a majority of battered women will stay with their husbands even when they are beaten up regularly or frequently. In fact, a battered woman will stay with her husband due to several reasons. To start with, many women are willing to bear the pain of battery if they have children. These women fear that a divorce could shatter the lives of their children.

Accordingly, they will accept their situations and try to cope with them as long as the wellbeing of their children is maintained. This is not always possible of course, especially that a husband who beats his wife will most likely be violent with his children as well Brogan, p. The second factor that forces a woman to stay with her violent husband is economic need. A woman who does not have sufficient education, who does not have an independent source of income, and who cannot survive on her own will find it difficult or even impossible to leave her husband, especially if she is very dependent on him.

However, what typically happens in such cases is that the husband becomes more encouraged to be violent with his wife since he is aware that she cannot resist or leave him Brogan, p. A third factor that is usually witnessed in cases of domestic violence against women is that the victims gets used to the situation and since she lacks help or support, she cannot take the decision to end the relationship. Lonely women who feel threatened on their own without their husbands or boyfriends tend to fall into this category.

Domestic violence against women is therefore a violation of the human rights of women, and it is a humiliating situation to which thousands if not millions of women all over the world are subjected.

Many methods of prevention and protection have been developed to help bring an end to this problem. The first step in prevention is education of men and women. They seem to have been for some time. This encouragement of violence toward women was treated as a joke. The audience hooted and hollered. But if someone took this response as acceptance of violence toward women who disagree with men, it could contribute to the problems women already face with violence.

I saw another example of violence toward women when I watched a Cary Grant film with some friends. I suppose this is supposed to be better, but the violence is still a little shocking to me.

The movie glorifies violence between girls. Meanwhile, throughout most of the movie, the mother of one of the girls who wants her to succeed in non-violent activities is treated as a villain. Because there have already been cases in the news where teenage girls have bullied and even killed other girls, this may be the sort of influence people should avoid exposing teens to.

I would like to thank the editors and writers of this resource for helping students just like me with their homework assignments for free. After a forced marriage, the husband or his family can completely control the woman; she becomes a domestic or sexual slave. In social life, women face many types of savagery. While traveling by public transport some men get the advantage of the rush in a vehicle and try to touch women. We have heard many cases of rape and acid attacks on women traveling alone at nights or sometimes at day.

After the rape, a woman loses her self-respect and confidence to live in society. She gets depressed and gets scared of taking action against these criminals. Sometimes if a woman takes a stand and tries to complain about their rape then the police also embarrass her by asking vulgar questions instead of giving justice to her. Being disable is also a sin for women.

Suppose if a woman is blind then it is the disability for her but an opportunity for people out there. The story of Bollywood movie Kabil shows how a disability of women gets an opportunity for others. There is another example of this horrible violence against women, a girl working in a software company was murdered because of the grudge by the watchman.

Many cases are there which we listen to and forget but still, there are no strict punishments for these criminals. There are so many ways where women get the victim of violence by the people known to them and strangers. You may be knowing this phrase but have you ever thought that why do women need to say this? On one side people worship the goddesses who are female and on the other side, some monsters are treating them inhumanly.

Women are humans too. They should get equal rights and respect as men. People should stop behaving cruelly with women. There should be rules, laws and safety conventions in favor with women. If the violence against women vanishes then women will be empowered and it will lead our country to be safe and developed.

It will be the best and memorable moment for all Indians. On this note, I would like to end my speech. Thank you, everyone, for paying attention and listening to me.

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Free Sample Essay on Violence against Women Article shared by Violence against women is not a new or recent phenomenon women have been the victims of violence all through the age, in all societies, cultures regions or religious communities in the world.

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Domestic Violence Against Women - The World Health Organization defines violence as: “The intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, mal-development or .

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Violence: Violence against Women and Countries Women Violence Essay Violence is a global problem that can be prevented. The global report on violence and health released by WHO on Geneva, 3 October presented violence as a . The article “Violence Against Women” brings up the subject of violence against women affects all racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds. It is the leading cause of injury for American women between the ages of 15 and 54, but it can happen at any age.

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Essay on The Impact of Domestic Violence Against Women in Tanzania Problem Women's violence is a main problem in Tanzania and this paper will describe, possible impact brought by domestic violence to women of Tanzania. The problem of violence against women rages all over the world and is a crisis in almost all societies. In the past, this problem was called domestic violence but has recently been changed to violence against women because the term domestic violence does not demonstrate that almost all cases of domestic abuse is men injuring women.