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❶Explain the arguments under each theory. He was stopped by three men, two of which were white supremacists in a pickup truck who tied him to the truck with rope and dragged him down the road.

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Overview of Hate Crimes

Crimes of hatred and prejudice--from lynchings to cross burnings to vandalism of synagogues--are a sad fact of American history, but the term "hate crime" did not enter the nation's vocabulary until the s, when emerging hate groups like the Skinheads launched a wave of bias-related crime "Hate Crime," b.

In response to these disturbing trends, 45 states have passed hate crime laws. All these states define a hate crime as a criminal act perpetrated due to the victim's race, religion, and ethnicity, while some also include sexual orientation, gender, and disability as criteria for hate crimes.

Only Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, and Wyoming do not have hate crime statutes on their books, though hate crimes in those states are prosecuted under existing statutes covering murder, theft, harassment, and assault. According to the FBI Hate Crime Statistics, there were 7, "single-bias" criminal hate crime incidents involving 9, offenses and 9, victims defined as "a person, business, institution, or society as a whole" in An FBI analysis of those incidents revealed the following:.

Motivation Percentage Most impacted group Racial bias The figure is double what it was in Bello, , p. The attacks of September 11, , sent shockwaves through American society. Coordinated terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC, brought home to many Americans that the United States is not immune to being attacked on its own soil.

Because the attacks were carried out exclusively by self-professed Muslims, the attacks also shined a spotlight, perhaps for the first time, on the 2. Researchers have found that the expected spike in anti-Muslim hate crime did occur in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks. These researchers also found, however, that the anti-Muslim hate crimes followed a specific pattern of intensity: Most curiously, given the locations of the terrorist attacks, "New York City and Washington, DC, anti-Islamic hate crime reports are essentially non-existent DC did have one report.

As for the somewhat counterintuitive finding that anti-Muslim hate crimes were markedly absent from police blotters in New York City and Washington, DC, the research team suggested that this. In other words, the trauma of the attacks drew people in New York and Washington, DC, together rather than driving them apart. One of the most controversial social and political issues in the United States in the early twenty-first century has involved illegal immigrants, also known as undocumented workers.

Should they be allowed to stay in the country, and under what conditions? Could they be stopped from coming to America altogether? The vast majority of illegal immigrants come from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin and Central America Passel, , p. While much of the opposition to illegal immigration is conducted within legal boundaries and does not spill over into hatred and violence, hateful attitudes and actions have emerged. FBI statistics show that the number of hate crimes perpetrated against Hispanics rose 25 percent between and Police officers will identify any evidence left at the crime scene and investigate further information in order to make the arrest of a perpetrator or perpetrators View Result, n.

Courts on the other hand are responsible for carrying out the appropriate punishment for the hate crime. Since hate crimes are both motivation and illegal behavior counseling or some type of rehabilitation may also be necessary. Punishment for a hate crime can simply be being placed in prison.

Many argue that prison will not help and since prisons are so diverse, yet segregated it may cause them to be more bias and continue to be perpetrators of hate crimes. Victim offender mediation may also be put into place to try and solve problems between victim and the perp the whole purpose would be to reconcile Hate Crime-Criminal Justice, n.

Hate crimes have many theories. Social learning theory suggests that the way people act attitude wise , values they have, and beliefs of those who belong to specific groups are learned through influencing figures which could be anyone from a parent , peers, or just anyone in general that one admires deeply and looks up to.

Strain theory is another one. In order for hate crimes to decrease in society we need to start by doing things to prevent it. One way to start is by starting with yourself. Showing good examples to those around you and a positive attitude will go a long way.

Work with other people in the community school, businesses, etc. Being stereotypical is a good way for a hate crime to start so with accepting everyone and not judging a book by its cover will be a great start.

Media, training, further educating yourself on hate crimes and public awareness are all great ways to spread words and prevent crimes from happening, too.

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Hate Crime essays A hate crime is a violent act against people, property, or organizations because of the group to which they belong or identify with. Hate crimes are committed against many different groups of people. Different types of people also commit these crimes. Some hate crimes are crimes.

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Hate crimes can come from many different causes, but each cause for a hate crime ultimately stems from ignorance. If we can rid our country of ignorance on subjects like the existence of hate crimes and why they take place, our 3/5(3). Hate Crime Analysis AJS January 14, Hate Crime Analysis Crimes of hatred date back as far in history as ancient civilizations. A crime of hate occurs when wrong-doing is done to a particular group of crime is a form of prejudice that can be directed as groups of individuals based on religious preference, age, ethnicity, sexual .

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Free Essay: Defining Hate Crimes Hate crimes has become an increasing problem here in the united states ranging from racial hatred to gender discrimination. What is a hate crime? A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice How many hate crimes were recorded by the FBI in its most recent hate crime report? 6, According to the Petrosinos article and our text, were there hate crimes before hate crime laws? Give examples and discuss. What is a lynching?