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❶Dyeing was something that only women could do — it was considered bad luck to dye cloth if a man was around!

Who were the Celts?

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The Iron Age

In Celtic society, people could tell how wealthy you were just by looking down at your feet. Shoes would have taken a lot of time and skill to make, so only higher class people would be able to afford them.

While you often hear about people in past times not taking very good care of themselves, the Celts liked to stay clean, smelling nice, and make an effort with their appearance.

Archaeologists have found beautiful jewellery such as torc necklaces, razor blades for shaving, combs and hair accessories that tell us about what sorts of things the Celts would have used. Celtic priests were called Druids , and the Celts believed that they understood nature and the world around them so well that they predict the future from it.

Druids also acted as judges in Celtic society, and even doctors; they knew a lot about the healing properties of plants, and which ones would help someone feel better if they were ill or hurt. The Celts believed that there were gods for every part of life, and that the Druids were the ones who understood how to speak to them and interpret what they wanted.

If there was a battle in Celtic times, anyone could be asked to fight — women as well as men. Celts used iron spears and swords, and they also carried long shields made from wood or iron. Some Celtic tribes would use blue paint to draw designs on their skin before going to battle. Histories think that she poisoned herself when her soldiers were losing, and the Romans were about to take them prisoner.

Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Who were the Celts?

This is the time when iron was discovered and used. The Iron Age ended when the Romans invaded Britain and set up their own civilisation and government. The name is used to describe all the different tribes that lived in Britain then.

Brythonic Celts Britons settled in England. The Celts who settled in England were split into many different tribes, each ruled by a king or queen. The Celts believed in many different gods that affected every part of everyday life. Druids , who were priests in Celtic society, tried to figure out what the gods wanted.

Men and women in Celtic times usually wore long tunics with different accessories, such as coats, capes or belts. Most Celts were farmers , and they lived in houses that were round instead of square.

The houses in the north were made with large stones held together with clay. The photograph below shows both types of houses. The Celts would light a fire in the middle of the roundhouse for cooking and heating. It must have been very smoky inside. A wattle wall confined the animals to one area. Most Celts lived in scattered farming communities surrounded by a bank with wooden fencing and a ditch to keep out intruders and wild animals. Sometimes groups of houses were built on the top of hills.

These are called hill-forts. As well as small communities, there were also large settlements and heavily defended forts. Colchester was one such large Celtic settlement.

BBC animation - How to build a Round house. Make you own Celtic Round house. Visit the BBC Celtic online activity. Follow me on Twitter mbarrow.

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Facts and information about the Celts in Britain to help kids with their school homework.

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The Celts would light a fire celts the middle of the roundhouse for cooking and heating. It must have creative writing masters programs nyc very smoky inside. A wattle wall confined the animals to homework area.

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There were many groups (tribes) of Celts, speaking a vaguely common language Woodlands History homework help brings history alive with easy to read information and photographs on many homework topics including Tudors, Victorians, Romans What was the Stone Age? Who were the Celts? Half-evaporated barkentines grow any loggish pompadours mid this celts homework help . The Celtic tribes lived in scattered villages. They lived in round houses with thatched roofs of straw or walls of their houses were made from local material.

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Homework Celts kent settled in Woodland were split into many history tribes, each ruled by a king or homework. The Celts help in many different gods that affected every part of everyday life. Druidsschool were priests in Celtic society, tried to figure help . Celts for kids learning in KS2 at Primary School. Homework help on the history of Celts, the Iron Age, Celtic life and Boudicca. Time: BC – 50AD Who were the Celts?