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❶Arielle Emmett joined The Writers for Hire after a year career in science, technology, and international journalism education.

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Though we do give them a chance to explain themselves, and try to arbitrate during conflicts. Either way, bans go the other way too, and if you a writer or an employer feel like you have been treated unfairly, contact the mods immediately.

If you are not seeing the submit button, click here. We usually respond within a few hours, or 24 hours at the latest. A guide to get the most out of this subreddit. Hire Me [Hire Me] Proofreader for everything from novels to websites. I do blog posts, technical articles, eBooks and more!

Hire Me [For Hire] Exceptionally well-rounded writer offering everything from professional web content to sci-fi epics. Hire Me [Hire Me] For your eyes only Do you have a project that needs to come to fruition?

Examples of work inside post self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. HireaWriter hot new rising controversial top gilded wiki. Tammie lives near Galveston with her husband, baby boy, and dog. She loves sewing, cooking, and craftiness in general. She edited papers for scientific journal publication, documents for departments across the site, and a book about a proposed crew escape vehicle.

At Invesco, Martha edited and contributed to two company newsletters online and hardcopy. She wrote software user manuals, Help files, Training and Benefits department documents, and, finally, shareholder reports. She also documented crew debriefings for 17 flights. Douglas Paton fell in love with words at an early age and was rarely seen without a book in his hands as a kid. At some point along the way, he picked up a pen and started writing and never looked back.

He has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years at this. For most of the last 10 years, Douglas has focused on writing educational material for younger readers, writing both fiction and non-fiction for clients such as Scholastic Canada and Nelson Canada. These days, he focuses more on writing content and copy for the web. Kim Jackson has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, journalism and content strategy.

She has been writing and editing since she could pick up a No. From there, she served as editor for a weekly newspaper that had multiple, feature-filled sections prior to taking a job with The Houston Chronicle, where she wrote more than 1, articles on events and issues important to residents and business owners in Harris and Montgomery counties.

Before launching her career in journalism, Kim worked in marketing, public relations and publishing in Houston and Hong Kong. While living in Hong Kong, she wrote, edited and marketed a full-color magazine for a prominent American business and social networking organization, and worked as a freelance writer and editor for several Hong Kong publishing companies and magazines.

Over the last decade, she has worked as a financial investigator for both the public and private sectors; compiling statutory reports, court documents, and technical manuals in addition to carrying out hundreds of extensive interviews. Louisa can legitimately say that she is able to keep lots of plates spinning, as she ran away to join the circus in On her return, she began applying her writing and investigative skills to the creation of marketing copy, blogs, articles, RFP, email campaigns, website content and ad scripts, to great success.

Jessica has a fundamental dread of the mundane, which is reflected in her career. Her background includes content marketing, event planning, employee relations, and even a bit of accounting and IT troubleshooting.

The common denominator, and her driving passion, has always been her love of reading, writing, and editing. Over a decade-long career, Jessica has managed multi-channel marketing campaigns for small businesses and international organizations, as well as written articles and content on topics from child advocacy to community association management. She once contacted a cereal company about a grammatical error on the box.

She spent over 20 years working for the US Government in Washington and abroad, and spent several years working with the CIA during which she managed a team of writers producing internal briefs on international news, events, and politics. She writes on a variety of topics but loves opportunities to work on projects that cater to her keen interest in international affairs.

She considers herself to be an empathetic editor, one who improves a draft but lets the spirit of the writer shine through. She has also worked on dissertations, white papers, newspaper articles, and family histories. His interests in a broad array of areas naturally led him to pursue a career as a copywriter. Not all at the same time, of course. Merrisa has enjoyed writing since she was a kid, winning her first competition at the age of Her experience includes everything from business blogging, to ghostwriting for big-company CEOs, to magazine and book editing.

In , she became accredited by the International Association of Business Communicators, a rigorous process that attests to her ability to apply strategic thinking in her communications planning tasks. Outside of work, she is a new ish mom whose time is spent catering to the whims of a tiny human and a not-so-tiny yellow lab.

With a breadth of knowledge spanning business administration, real estate, and securities, Dock has long applied his expertise to communicate complex subjects in simple terms.

In addition to a long history writing newsletters and editorials, he also has experience in unpaid media, having been featured on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg. His specialty is in breaking down complex, business-related subjects for consumption by broad audiences. Our Team Other writing firms have good teams — but we have a great team. Brittany Cooper - Project Coordinator Brittany is our resident Project Coordinator and serves as the liaison between writer and client. Stacy Clifford Copywriter About Me.

Stacy Clifford - Copywriter Stacy Clifford is a wearer of many hats, both literally and figuratively. Flori Meeks Copywriter About Me.

Flori Meeks - Copywriter Flori, who has more than 25 years of writing experience, began her career in suburban Detroit as a community newspaper reporter. Jessica Stautberg - Lead Copywriter Jessica joined The Writers for Hire after several years of technical writing for two Department of Defense contractors, where she created software documentation and online help, as well as material for the company websites and newsletters. Jenny Higgons Copywriter About Me. Arielle Emmett Copywriter About Me.

Arielle Emmett - Copywriter Arielle Emmett joined The Writers for Hire after a year career in science, technology, and international journalism education. Carissa Lamkahouan Copywriter About Me. Carissa Lamkahouan - Copywriter Carissa has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years, working as a public relations copywriter, as a newspaper journalist and blogger, and as a magazine feature-story writer and columnist for publications both domestic and abroad, including the United Kingdom and Egypt.

Erin Larson Copywriter About Me. Erin Larson - Copywriter With a Bachelor of Science in Language Arts from Georgetown University and 20 years of editorial experience, Erin brings a passion for words and well-crafted writing to every project.

Jennifer Rizzo Copywriter About Me. After spending nearly a decade working in the health care field, Jennifer has a well-rounded knowledge of hospital functionality, medical terminology, and disease processes. She has extended work experience with government medical benefits as well as Social Security law, which has allowed her to fine-tune her ability to sort through large amounts of medical records, research, and data, and turn that information into well written reports and case briefs.

Since joining The Writers for Hire, Jennifer has written on vast array of topics and has done many in-depth ancestry research and family tree projects. She enjoys working closely with clients, and loves any opportunity that allows her to indulge her creative side. Jennifer Babisak Copywriter About Me. Judy Cole Copywriter About Me. Morgan Pinales Copywriter About Me. Morgan Pinales - Copywriter Morgan has worked in marketing and communications for more than eight years, with a primary focus on copywriting and content creation.

Martha Scott Copywriter About Me. Douglas Paton Copywriter About Me. Douglas Paton - Copywriter Douglas Paton fell in love with words at an early age and was rarely seen without a book in his hands as a kid. Suzanne Kearns Copywriter About Me. Suzanne Kearns - Copywriter Suzanne knew she wanted to be a writer at the age of ten when she wrote her first story, and has spent the past 2 decades writing blog posts, magazine articles, nonfiction and fiction books, sales letters, white papers, press releases, website copy, and anything else that can be put in written form.

Her work has appeared all around the internet, including on sites like World News and Reports, Entrepreneur. She loves nothing more than being presented with a bunch of data and asked to break it down into digestible content for readers.

Kim Jackson Copywriter About Me. Kim Jackson - Copywriter Kim Jackson has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, journalism and content strategy. Sally Barlow-Perez - Copywriter Sally Barlow-Perez has spent 35 years satisfying her curiosity about people, places and things by writing about them.

Sally now lives and works in Palo Alto, California where still satisfies her curiosity with writing assignments and obsessive reading. So far, so good. Jennifer Lacullo Copywriter About Me. Jennifer Lacullo - Copywriter Jennifer has a background in journalism and Russian area studies.

While in graduate school in the mids, she developed an interest in the oil and gas industry of the former Soviet Union and launched a free newsletter covering the subject. She then spent more than 20 years researching, analyzing and writing about related topics, working for multiple weekly publications and a private consulting firm. Her areas of professional interest also include energy and power in China, Iran and the Eastern Mediterranean, and for fun she researches linguistics, neuroscience and disability-related issues.

She has experience in copy-editing and has frequently worked with both native and non-native English speakers, helping them to produce clear, easily understandable articles on complex political, economic, legal and technical topics. Additionally, she has managed many time-sensitive typesetting projects for community institutions. Jennifer enjoys writing personal essays and lives in Atlanta with her family.

Louisa Dean Copywriter About Me.

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The Writers For Hire, Inc., Houston, Texas. 1, likes · 29 talking about this. The Writers For Hire, Inc., provides the following services: print /5(8). Cecily Anne Paterson is a young adult author and blogger. She is also a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter and freelancer for hire.