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What is the Westermarck Effect?

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❶This has nothing to do with the Westermarck effect. It has taken nearly years for the married woman to get back that personal independence which she enjoyed under the later Roman Law, but lost through the influence which Christianity exercised on European legislation.


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Aug 04,  · The Westermarck effect is the phenomenon that people who are raised together usually are not sexually attracted to each other in.

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Psychology Definition of WESTERMARCK EFFECT: the postulation that individuals who are reared nearby or in the same home do not find each other sexually appealing when they're older. It is based upon t.

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Westermarck () hypothesized that proximity to others during development serves as a cue to biological relatedness and hence is critical for sibling sexual aversion (the “Westermarck effect”). The Westermarck Effect is commonly brought up in the midst of shipping arguments shipping discussions where incest, cousins, and childhood friends are involved. A form of reverse sexual imprinting, the Westermarck Effect serves to suppress inbreeding in humans, working in opposition to the theorized genetic sexual attraction phenomenon.

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Westermarck Effect. 1, likes · 1 talking about this. There is nothing like the love between a mother and a son. But Sally and Sam love each other A. PDF | On Sep 1, , Jan Antfolk and others published Westermarck Effect.