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Intensive English Program Student Resources

Spelling and Pronunciation

❶This site includes exercises, puzzles and quizzes to help students learning English as a second language.

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ESL Student Resources
Places on campus to improve your ESL skills

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English for Business & Work Vocabulary: ThoughtCo. offers a number of general resources for ESL online students in the area of business vocabulary, as well as lessons specific to several different industries.

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ESL Gold: ESL Gold presents ESL resources including vocabulary guides and textbook recommendations as well as lessons categorized by skill level, from low beginning to advanced. Hyperlink: This site is a comprehensive resource for ESL students, presenting test preparation guides, vocabulary lists and games, verb usage and more.

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Grammar Help IV – Quizzes, practice, resources for improving all aspects of English; also has links to language-specific help (e.g., English for Japanese speakers). Vocabulary: Links to sites that will help you expand your vocabulary. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English – Online dictionary for English language learners. This . ESL Class Resources Acalanes Adult Education Students enrolled in Acalanes Adult Education English as a Second Language (ESL) courses may find the following information helpful as part of your classroom experience.

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ESL Student Resources. HELPFUL WEBSITES FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS. General ESL Sites. Dave's ESL Café - Activities for ESL . ESL Conversation Leaders: FC Library staff provide support in conversational English for all ESL students at any level of English proficiency. This resource is especially helpful for Listening and Speaking, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary courses.