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❶The young man suggested that the Bacon King Jr would be a better deal than a double cheeseburger, so I ordered it.

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Although the majority of the restaurant locations are privately held by individual owners, Burger King's relationship with its franchises has not always been harmonious. Occasional spats between the two have caused numerous issues, and in several instances the company's and its licensees' relations have degenerated into precedent-setting court cases. The Burger King menu has evolved from a basic offering of burgers, fries, sodas and milkshakes in , to a larger, more diverse set of offerings that includes several variations of chicken, fish, salads and breakfast.

The first major addition to the menu was the Whopper, a sandwich developed by McLamore in ; it has since become Burger King's signature product. Not all introductions have had the success of the Whopper; BK has introduced many products which failed to catch hold in the marketplace. Some products that have failed in the US have seen success in foreign markets, where BK has also tailored its menu for regional tastes.

After the purchase of the company in , Burger King began to aggressively target the 18—34 male demographic with larger products that often carried correspondingly large amounts of unhealthy fats and trans-fats.

This tactic would eventually come to hurt the company's financial underpinnings and cast a negative pall on its earnings. The company's "Golden Age" of Burger King advertising was during the s when it introduced its mascot the Magical Burger King, a memorable jingle, and several well known and parodied slogans. Beginning in the early s, the company's advertising began to lose focus; a series of less successful ad campaigns created by procession of advertising agencies continued for the next two decades.

The new agency completely reorganized Burger King's advertising with a series of new campaigns centered on a redesigned Magical Burger King character accompanied with a new online presence.

While growing its brand, the company has run into several trademark issues, including instances of prior use, regarding its own name and its products. The company franchises more than 10, restaurants and owns about 1, for a chainwide total exceeding 11,, with locations in all 50 states and 56 countries.

The company serves In the late s and into the new millennium, Burger King was plagued by falling sales and deteriorating franchisee relationships. Burger King's parent, Diageo plc, sold the company to a group of investors led by Texas Pacific Group in late Rapid Growth under Company Founders: Five years later, they were ready to expand their five Florida Burger Kings into a nationwide chain. By the time they sold their company to Pillsbury in , Burger King had become the third largest fast-food chain in the country and was on its way to second place, after industry leader McDonald's.

The story of Burger King's growth is the story of how franchising and advertising developed the fast-food industry. McLamore and Edgerton began in with a simple concept: The idea was not unique: In fact, was the same year Ray Kroc made his deal with the McDonald brothers, whose original southern California drive-in started the McDonald's empire. McLamore and Edgerton tried to give their Burger King restaurants a special edge. Burger King became the first chain to offer dining rooms albeit uncomfortable plastic ones.

In they expanded their menu with the Whopper, a burger with sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and tomato, for big appetites. But prices were kept low: McDonald's burgers at the same time, however, cost only 15 cents. In they took advantage of an increasingly popular medium, television: By McLamore and Edgerton were ready to expand beyond Florida, and franchising seemed to be the best way to take their concept to a broader market.

Franchising was booming in the late s because it allowed companies to expand with minimal investment. Like many other franchisers, McLamore and Edgerton attracted their investors by selling exclusive rights to large territories throughout the country.

The buyers of these territorial rights, many of them large businesses themselves, could do what they wanted to in their territory: McLamore and Edgerton took their initial payments which varied with the territory and their cut as little as 1 percent of sales and left their franchisees pretty much on their own. The system worked well, allowing Burger King to expand rapidly.

Difficulties with Franchisees Under Pillsbury: Under the early Burger King system, some of the company's large investors expanded at a rate rivaling that of the parent company. Where this loosely knit franchising system failed, however, was in providing a consistent company image. Because McLamore and Edgerton didn't check on their franchises and used only a small field staff for franchise support, the chain was noted for inconsistency in both food and service from franchise to franchise, a major flaw in a chain that aimed to attract customers by assuring them of what to expect in every Burger King they visited.

It was up to the new owner, Pillsbury, to crack down on franchise owners. But some large franchisees thought they could run their Burger King outlets better than a packaged-goods company. By , they controlled almost two dozen Burger King restaurants and went public under the name Self Service Restaurants Inc. By the time Pillsbury executives got to town the next day, they found they had been bested by their own franchisee.

The Trotters didn't stop there. They bought out two steak house chains taking the name of one of them, Chart House , established their own training and inspection programs, and decided on their own food suppliers.

When that initiative failed, they suggested that both Pillsbury and Chart House spin off their Burger King holdings into a separate company. When that also failed, they continued to acquire Burger King piecemeal, buying nine stores in Boston and 13 in Houston. However, Pillsbury wasn't about to allow Chart House to gain other valuable territories. They sued the Boston franchisees who had sold to Chart House, citing Pillsbury's contractual right of first refusal to any sale.

Eventually Chart House compromised, agreeing to give up its Boston holdings in exchange for the right to keep its Houston properties. However, it wasn't until Pillsbury brought in a hard-hitting executive from McDonald's that Burger King began to exert real control over its franchisees. Donald Smith was third in line for the top spot at McDonald's when Pillsbury lured him away in with a promise of full autonomy in the top position at Burger King.

Smith used it to "McDonaldize" the company, a process that was especially felt among the franchise holders. While Burger King had grown by selling wide territorial rights, McDonald's had taken a different approach from the very beginning, leasing stores to franchisees and demanding a high degree of uniformity in return.

When Smith came on board at Burger King in , the company owned only 34 percent of the land and buildings in which its products were sold. Land ownership is advantageous because land is an appreciating asset and a source of tax deductions, but more importantly it gives the parent company a landlord's power over recalcitrant franchisees. Smith began by introducing a more demanding franchise contract. Awarded only to individuals, not partnerships or companies, it stipulated that franchisees may not own other restaurants and must live within an hour's drive of their franchise, effectively stopping franchisees from getting too big.

He also created ten regional offices to manage franchises. Smith's new franchise regulations were soon put to the test. Smith limited Florescue to building four new stores a year in New York and insisted that he could not expand elsewhere. When Florescue bought eight units in California anyway, Smith sued successfully. Florescue then signed with Arby's, and Smith again effectively asserted Burger King's control in court, based on the franchise contract.

Increasing control over franchisees was not the only change Pillsbury instituted at Burger King during the s. Like many other chains, Burger King began to expand abroad early in the decade. Fast food and franchising were unfamiliar outside the United States, making international expansion a challenge. Burger King's international operations never became as profitable as anticipated, but within a decade the company was represented in 30 foreign countries.

At home the company focused on attracting new customers. In management required franchisees to use the "hospitality system," or multiple lines, to speed up service. In Burger King reintroduced drive-through windows.

While original stands had offered this convenience, it had gradually been eliminated as Burger King restaurants added dining rooms. Drive-throughs proved to be a profitable element, accounting for 60 percent of fast food sales throughout the industry by Smith also revamped the corporate structure, replacing eight of ten managers with McDonald's people.

To attack Burger King's inconsistency problem, Smith mandated a yearly two-day check of each franchise and frequent unscheduled visits. He also decided that the company should own its outlets whenever possible, and by had brought the company's share of outlet ownership from 34 percent to 42 percent. Smith also turned his hand to the food served in his restaurants.

He introduced the french fry technique that produced the more popular McDonald's-type fry. In , primarily in response to the appeal that newcomer Wendy's had for adults, he introduced specialty sandwiches--fish, chicken, ham and cheese, and steak--to increase Burger King's dinner trade.

Offering the broadest menu in fast food did the trick, boosting traffic 15 percent. A more radical expansion for the Burger King menu came next. After McDonald's proved that breakfast could be a profitable fast-food addition offering a morning meal spread fixed costs over longer hours of operation Smith began planning a breakfast menu in But Burger King had a problem with breakfast: Smith urged development of entrees that could be prepared on existing equipment instead of requiring special grills.

He began testing breakfast foods in , but it wasn't until the Croissan'wich in and French Toast sticks in that Burger King had winning entries in the increasingly competitive breakfast market.

Troubled Times in the s Smith left Burger King in June to try to introduce the same kind of fast-food management techniques at Pizza Hut.

Ironically, when he left Pizza Hut in he moved into the chief executive position at the franchisee that had given Burger King so much trouble, Chart House. By following in Smith's general direction, Burger King reached its number-two position within two years of his departure, but frequent changes at the top for the next several years meant inconsistent management for the company.

Neeb succeeded Smith, to be followed less than two years later by Jerry Ruenheck. Ruenheck resigned to become a Burger King franchise owner in Florida less than two years after that, and his successor, Jay Darling, resigned a little over a year later to take on a Burger King franchise himself. Charles Olcott, a conservative former chief financial officer, took over in Burger King did not stand still under its succession of heads, though.

The company continued to expand abroad, opening a training center in London to serve its European franchisees and employees in Besides developing successful breakfast entries, Burger King added salad bars and a "light" menu to meet the demand for foods with a healthier, less fatty image.

Burger King also completely computerized its cooking and cash register operations so even the least skilled teenager could do the job. Even some of Burger King's post-Smith successes caused problems, though. The company introduced another successful new entree, Chicken Tenders, in , only to find it that it could not obtain enough chicken to meet demand.

Burger King was still bedeviled by the old complaint that its service and food were inconsistent. The company played out its identity crisis in public, changing ad styles with almost the same frequency that it changed managers.

After Smith's departure in , Burger King's old "Have it your way" campaign "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce. Special orders don't upset us. That ad campaign emphasized as a selling point what many saw as a drawback at Burger King: However, under Smith's emphasis on speed and efficiency, special orders did upset store owners. So the company turned to the harder sell "Aren't you hungry for Burger King now?

The hard sell approach moved the chain into second place, and Burger King took an even more aggressive advertising line. In Burger King directly attacked its competitors, alleging that Burger King's grilled burgers were better than McDonald's and Wendy's fried burgers. Both competitors sued over the ads, and Wendy's challenged Burger King to a taste test a challenge that was pointedly ignored. Terrible, long line to go back so went to Taco Bell Hygiene of BK is terrible, burger freezer remains open etc check them out.

Never going to BK again lost 7. Every Saturday afternoon for the past 3 months I go to Burger King and I order the same item a kids meal. I go to this Burger King because it is right next to the last stop on my route and I get it for my Daughter as she loves Burger king. Every Saturday when I pull up to the speaker the first thing I hear is Ill be with you in a second every time this second turns into a couple of minutes.

Then I pull up to the window and I sit there and wait and wait a couple of times I must admit before I get to give them my money I pull away because Im so tired of waiting. I can understand if this happened once in awhile but it is every time. It is not only me some times I pull up behind a car who is still waiting to give them there order. We sit there and then the employees comes on and says go ahead with your order. It dosent matter if they are busy the wait is worst or slow you still have to wait.

There is either an employee shortage or they are just slow. At either rate this is not how a Burger King is suppose to be, this is the only Burger King that I encounter this problem.

I really wish I did not have to go to this one but I hope you will be able to correct this and bring it up to parr with the way other Burger Kings are Run. The Burger King in Falls Church, Virginia clearly advertised the barbecue sandwich for a dollar, or one could get the 2 for 5 deal a whopper and a fish sandwich. I asked the fat Hispanic lady who could barely speak English for the 2 for 5 deal, and she would not honor it. I then asked for the barbecue deal which she did not honor.

I was sorry to hear your employees have to work so late on Christmas Eve! Is Burger King THAT greedy and desperate that they can not allow their employees that special time with their families? This is shameful for Burger King. Burger King has really gone down hill.

We ordered our food noting that there was no precooked stock of burgers etc under the lights, so realised it would take a short time to cook. Our food arrived shortly after. We sorted out drinks napkins etc but my younger daughter was hungry and started wolfing her food down, as kids do. I called over the assistant , who had served us, Megan, who at that stage apologised and said she would get the manager. She returned and said she would reorder burgers taking the tepid burgers away saying they would be replaced.

While this was happening my wife and eldest daughter could see Megan and , I now know Shift Manager Olivia , check thru the food which we had sent back. Whilst I appreciate that you need to check on complaints, the way this was handle in full view of my wife and daughter. The shift manager, Olivia then started probing the food and chuntering away to the other member of staff, Megan.

We left after eating our meals, my daughters and wife were disgusted at our treatment by your staff. I feel that due to the incompetence of your staff, not only did we get served tepid food, we then genuinely complain, get treated with contempt and derogatory remarks both voiced and animated, in front of other listening customers. We then get replacement food served by another kind customer and not a word of apology. I await you response ,as I feel if this is not adequate, I will have to contact the DCC to complain about standards of food preparation in your restaurant.

This complaint was seriously mishandled and has now resulted in several customers, embarrassed and angry with the shabby treatment we received for food not fit for purpose and which we had paid for. Yours Martin Mc Quillan. Just got burger king to go. Burger king Davison Rd Flint ,Mi. I had gone to Burger King in Spanaway Washington and witness how they allow their employees to talk to their manager this is the second time that i have witness this behavior and i feel something needs to be done about this situation.

I enjoy eating at burger King my food is always correct and hot when i receive my food. Please do not contact me at all. It one thing to wIt so long if you at least get hot food but to have to wait and then get cold food is satisfying your customers.

There is no excuse for serving customers food that is spoiled. This is the worst Burger King. Terrible slow service, always missing parts of the order, sandwiches sloppily made meat falling off bun , cold food.

I am sick and tired of paying money for low quality food and service. I work for Burger King, and there is a significant problem with management at the moment. Stringtown Road, Grove City, Ohio is a joke! The rudest people I have ever encountered in my life. If you do not feel like working quit your job. Like she was completing my order for me.

I told her I had other things to order, well that really pissed her off. I get to the drive thru window, hand her the cash and change. She grabbed the cash out of my hand so hard, she dropped the change all over the ground. Then my food was basically thrown to me. My teenage daughter witnessed this. She needs to be fired! Alyssa was the drive thru attendants name.

On April 21, at 1: I missed the customer survey deadline…but i wanted to let your organization know a little about your store And the store Mgrs. I interacted with were very professional…. I just thought you needed to know…. Nazareth Highway on sat. I used a coupon I received in the mail for buy one chicken sandwich and get one free. I started to eat one of them and the salt was terrible. I was only able to eat half of it.

Stopped eating it about 20 minutes ago and my tongue is still burning from too much salt. That is definitely unhealthy. I will never buy another chicken sandwich from Burger King. I have to throw away a whole one and a half of one. How much money did I save with that stupid coupon. I put a complaint about a health BK branch in Mexico since last May 8 and to date have not made any comment.

Alsea is the company that manages franchises in Mexico. Where I can send the complaint to the corporate level? This would have been a golden opportunity for Burger King to pick up new customers but the drive through service takes at least 30 minutes for breakfast when people are trying to get to work. Twice in the past month I have waited at least 30 minutes only to find, after getting out of the drive thru, that my order was incorrect! This is the Bible belt and I am a card-carrying member!

God loves all people but the Bible is very explicit about his feelings toward homosexual activity. I cannot support an establishment that supports an activity that is contrary to the heart and nature of God. I have been to several Burger Kings in the Chicago area. This is my favorite. The food is good and hot. The store is clean and employees are friendly. I visited the store today and was delighted to see the manager that was on duty. He always has a very pleasant smile and attitude.

He seems to genuinly care about his job and the employees that are working with him. But, what an asset he must be to the company. The cashier was both efficient and friendly as well. Gahanna ohio burger king drive thru customer. You will never see me or my two passengers there again.

What a company disgrace. Total lack of managment. Dont send me cupons unless they are mc donalds or taco bell…. You should be ashamed. Im sure everyone that went thru before or after me feel the same total disgust for this restaurant. To bad your manager lets this behavior go on. Thats a big flame broiled black eye. Truely horrible treatment of your ex customer. Burger King is one of the few fast food restaurants that I like.

Heard they might move corporate offices to Canada to reduce tax liability. If that were to occur then I will not be a customer again. I am not a regular fast food visitor. I will not be even considering Burger King in my future plans. When my grand kids want to go out I will direct them to other offerings. In this day and age you might consider that you have been an American company and supported America. Now you have made other choices on your national identity you might need to consider a new marketing program.

I have not really looked nor care. I think in hind sight you will find a mistake has been made. The Bk staff at qurum in muscat oman charged me for three sandwiches and delivered only two, he even did not give the bill. They are cheating gullible customers , authorities should check this. I drove through drive-thru and wanted to use a coupon, however, I cannot drink coffee so I asked for an orange juice.

I was told that they could not do that? They lost a customer over a substitution issue. Whatever happened to true customer service with a smile? I arrived at on a Sunday night and ordered my food It was hot and the woman waiting on me was very professional even though she looked very tired.

Polite courteous and very nice This was in Herkimer NY. Had to repeat order 3 times for: Cheeseburgers plain 2 chicken sandwiches plain The order was not complicated!

Had to wait at least 5 minutes since the chicken was not done. Two frustrated grandsons and grandmother!! I see why they have little business right after school! They used to be very good, but evidently these had been pre-cooked and left under the heat lamp so long they were as dry as whit leather. We shall never eat at the Burger king again unless a vast improvement has been made. I was at my local Burger King in Dixon Illinois last nite, around 5p.

I originally wanted chicken strips but when I heard the price for three opted for the salad, but later that nite on t. There were three employees and no customers. A car had finished ordering through drive thru. When I got to the speaker the girl said if I could hold on a moment and said yes, but she took so long and so I said hello about 3 times and someone said hello mocking me very disrespectful.

It was not busy and no car after me. The location on Collins Blvd. When we entered cashier leaning across fry station talking to cook about whoever in jail.

My husband ad I do not eat a lot of fast food, so maybe we are not use to poor quality food, but we stopped at a Burger King in Richland WA and ordered a couple of meals because we were in a hurry and my chicken sandwich was not fully cooked the meat had a red tinge to it and the fries were luke warm and not cooked all the way through, they still had the crunchy feel on the inside where they were not cooked through all the way, My husbands hamburger had cold bacon and the burger was just barely warm and neither sandwich had the cheese melted, neither of us were able to finish them, we took the left overs out to our Lab who will eat practically anything and even he turned his nose up at the food.

The Burger King in Tucson at Broadway and Wilmot is one of the coldest an worst places to go to to have breakfast or dinner! I have asked several times for them to turn o the heat in the mornings and it never has been done, The outside temperature is 36 degrees and the air conditioning is going, Too cold to sit inside! I was at the Buger King at th in Harvey Il.

I went to bugerking King on Fulton ave in hempstead New York. So I drop my kids at school and came back at 7: This is bad business! If business keep going like this you all will go out of business soon. There was nothing Whopper about it. Why does the price continue to go up and the size decrease?

I suggest you rethink the names of your burgers.. I went to a Burger King in Paterson N. I thought that getting a cheeseburger was more than a burger but I guess that is now not the case. Getting less costs more now, I might be wrong but this might be why your losing you customer base.

You begin with ,no onions laromain gulf city plus I had to wait half an hour in princes town for a grinch! My sister and I were ordering almost On this occasion, 1 asks for a cup of water. Is it best business sense to lose. Another example of American Greed. I feel a strong desire to protest and contact my local news station. The good news — there are several other alternatives for me to choose from. Came here early to use internet???

Right by Hilton Garden in?? I decided to get a burger king as my normal choice is McDonalds but your adverts were saying you had a cheaper menu and how good they were so I went to try one. I bought a Chicken Royale and it was awful. I told them I was unable to have milk products so they gave me a milky coffee, when they changed it for my requested black coffee the coffee was bad tasting.

I rang and told them and they said I could have another one for free on my next visit but why would I do that when it was so horrid? By no means am I a prude. With that being said I feel compelled to say that I am truly offended by your newest commercial.

The beautiful young lady portrayed as being naked. You are in my opinion selling sex to your younger audience and not the burger. Where have your family values gone? It offends me that you used this young woman as a sex object to promote your burger. I feel that this commercial sends a very negative message to our younger generation. There was no one showing as present, I called to see if there was then a man appeared and told a woman to get to order area.

When she brought it, I said I asked for take out. She g runted and threw the plastic ware at my tray and huffed away. What a l ousy way to treat customers. The Burger King on Greeno Rd. In Fair hope Has the worst and most rude help ever!!! My husband and I went there to use the buy one get one free crossiant. I stood at the counter for a few minutes then finally a female came from the drive in window and asked what I wanted.

Then we exchanged a few words. She was rude and VERY unprofessional. I talked to the mgr. Never have I been treated so rudely in a resturant of any type. I hope they fire her!!!!! I have been going to Burger King and this morning was the first time that I felt totally disrespected. This also was the first time that I encountered this manager african-american female w short hair cut. I was using my coupon and had to purchase a frie and drink in order to use it!

So I thanked the guy and the manager took his order all the while my order was siting on the counter getting cold. The other customer got his food and left, then I proceeded to leave and they stopped me! My food was getting even colder, especially my fries! I gave my card to another employee and also my change.

My food was cold and I had to get back to work so I left! I ordered for breakfast hash brown with cheese and bacon and it looks nasty. Bad customer service and poor breakfast. The service and food were as expected. The service was quick and the staff was friendly. What impressed me about this visit was the care and attention 3 of the female staff showed an elderly man that was obviously having a medical emergency.

They not only responded quickly to call an ambulance, but also took turns walking out to the dining area to check on him, bring him water, and attempted to keep him awake by asking questions that would later help the EMS workers. These 3 ladies went above and beyond what would be expected of anyone in this very scary situation.

They stayed calm and profesionnal, yet caring and compassionate. I went through the drive thru at bk at clear acre exit or selmi drive and had a horrible experience. I was trying to order a icee and rodeotburger. The gentlemen was very rude. So, I pulled around without receiving my food and went inside in fear that this very establishment might do something to my food.

I talked to one of the managers hispanic lady. Her excuse was the system is crap. I vow to never eat there again. I called the establishment on rock blvd and spoke to Steve mgr and he advised me to come by he would take care of me and advised me to make a serious complaint. I would rather drive an extra 15 minutes out of my to eat at rock blvd than to go clear acre. This is my third and final time to visit your BK at east Washington store…reason being is customer service is argumentative is educating your customers.

She is not funny nor is her coworkers who then laughed when she was strongly trying to prove herself correct. Bad taste, terrible manners I say! Advertisement says Free WiFi…….. The assistant manager has rebooted the modem several times and still no WiFi.

The date is May 26, at They said the WiFi never works and have already reported the problem with their superior. The management should take down the free WiFi sign or change carrier. I happen to own shares with the company. I asked that they both be made fresh off the broiler. I was asked to park around front which is expected Only a couple of min. I thought I might have had good timing today and went through the drive thru just as fresh ones were being made.

I get home and open up the sandwiches to find them really dark brown on the outside and luke warm on the inside. Apparently this BK store likes to twice fry existing fish and chicken that has already been cook once. Needless to say the sandwiches were nasty and they have lost my business forever. Where I live there is every fast food joint known to man with in 3 miles of the house.

Who needs the aggravation of a BK store that conducts themselves like this? My daughter and I are staying at a motel a couple buildings down from Burger king of only 24 hour restaurant! I know there is no truth in that my daughter and I were very hungry and already going through some things and then she does this!

When we approached the building she was already staring at us like really and she frowned at us at the window this was clear discrimination and I wont rest until she no longer works there!

To whom this may concern, my last dollar was spent at burger king last night. I will never eat there again, period. This goes for whoever reads this, if you eat there, you get what you get. First of all I am not writing this to receive a burger or get any type of promotional offer. Nor do I know anyone who works at Burger King.

I am writing this solely for the recognition of one of your employees, who in my opinion, exemplifies all that an employee from a fortune company could at the highest level. I was having lunch with a neighbor when I overheard a sales meeting conducted by her in which she touched all areas of fast food operations.

Including but not limited to areas of personal performance and marketing with the tact and motivation on par with any executive existing. A week later I returned for lunch again and during that experience watched her go out of the building, on a very hot day, and pick up trash located in the parking lot. I was so impressed I had to ask her name. Her name is Jen Clary. The Store is located at 12th Street Ogden, Utah This individual is a fantastic example of what a dedicated employee could be.

Thank you Burger King for the great atmosphere created by employing this woman. Hopefully she will not be forgotten if and when raises in salary are considered. As previously stated I do not nor have I ever met here. But, I certainly do appreciate the fact there are people like her in the world. Sincerely Bryan Swenson Ogden, Utah.

I had worst experience ever today, where i had to literally discard the meal i bought with the fear of getting my kids sick. While waiting for order to be delivered my coke was filled and set on table to be given with ordered burger and same moment i saw a big fly sitting on my cup. I took picture of it and while employee hand still holding the glass.

I was given my order and i came home. While serving it to my kids i thought what if there are many flies in their kitchen too and what if my kids get sick because of it. Or else it was messed up filthy coke with such lousy and filthy taste.

I had been a loyal customer and had Burger King around the world, this experience has shaken my loyalty towards this brand. I am not concerned with the money wasted, but worried about safety of other people who love Burger King like me and my family. The BK King is beyond belief he is very scary and the food thrown on the table is not very clean.

We live within half a mile of this burger king and visit it frequently and have never visited store in Nashua NH and had it gone smoothly. Place is a total nightmare, no cars in the parking lot but drive thru is backed up 9 cars! I have an issue with your Lakewood ny location. Thank you Burger King. In my job I spend a lot of time on the road so I eat lunch at many different places. Placed my order and sat down to eat.

After a few minutes I noticed something about the young lady that was cleaning the tables seemed a little off. I then realized she had a disability. She came to my table when she saw I was done eating smiled and took my tray. I said thank you and still smilling she nodded.

Every interaction was done with a wave and a smile. Thank you both for giving these people the opportunity to shine. We take for granted what we can do and to see someone struggling with the simplest task and still smiling and happy is a blessing.

If only we could all learn to be happy with what we have. Love life in all it challenges. The order number is It was check number I will be happy to scan the little piece of paper to an email if you give me one to send it to. Guess there a first time for everything. Very rude its 8 am and someone is oversleeping. Hello my name is Marquita Flagg. I just wanted to make you aware of my most recent visit to one of your stores. On Sunday September 6th I visited store at 2: I then decided to go inside because I wanted no further interaction with her and I did not want to take the chance of anything being done to my food such as tainting it in any way which inconvenienced me because not only did I have to wake up my son who was in the car asleep and bring him inside but I was pressed for time which caused a delay in handling what I needed to.

I attempted to tell the manager about my negative experience and she completely ignored me. She displayed no empathy, did not apologize for my inconvenience and did not attempt to resolve the issue. I work in customer service and have for many years and I can say that this is absolutely unacceptable.

Perhaps you need to hire staff that know how to treat hard working paying customers instead of treating them like second class citizens. Or even make them learn what real customer service is. I would never ever treat a customer the way that I was treated. It was completely egregious and I will continue to send complaint emails, phone calls and letters until this is resolved.

I could have gone anywhere else with my money that I work hard for and would have probably received better treatment than I did for that establishment. Had a less than favorable experience at local BK, went home and left email detailing the entire experience; after 6 wks have not received as much as a contact or any response.

Went on web today tried to file another write up but was unable to complete time and location website would not allow and therefore my comments could not be submitted. Discouraged to say the least!!!!! I would like to begin by saying I like Burger King, but for a long time I had stopped going to BK because the burgers were always cold. I decided recently to try again and have gone twice.

To my disappointment the burgers are again cold, cheese is not melted and the meat is just a little warm. The other ingredients are fresh, the bun is fresh, nice tomatoes, pickles and lettuce..

I was in your Lane Allen Rd. I waited 20 minutes and was never waited on at the register. One lady was working the drive thru and was very stressed out and the lady that was taking care of the front register was standing around doing nothing. Even the mailman who dropped off the mail said good luck on getting served.

After 20 minutes I left and went to Taco Bell.. I visited Burger King today in Sellersburg, Indiana. Have to say, I was very disappointed in the food. I ordered a double cheeseburger meal. On the windows and walls were all these pictures of your burgers showing them to be big and robust and juicy with toppings overflowing. My burger was nothing like that.

Both patties were so small you had to lift up the bun to see them. Both patties together still did not make a decent hamburger. They were flat and dry. How come your food never looks like your advertisements? Probably will be a loooong time before I go back, if I do at all.

Monday ordered a number 10 chicken tender-crisp with the hot sauce of the spicy chicken sandwich added. Thursday went and told the manager and he told his staff to make me a large tender-crisp sandwich which the clerk handed me and turned away and I thanked her and me mumbled something. I got back to work and it was another processed chicken breast, not the chicken tender-crisp that I usually get.

I am not going back to that store no. I went to breakfast today with my husband this morning, he had his heart set on sausage biscuits. John told him would take a few minutes for the biscuits to b ready which was fine. Brandi also was especially nice and helpful as well.

This was the B. Then would not process my note without the address. Went to drive in at Browns Mills BK. I ordered 4 double cheese burgers and a large fries. Gave her the money. I did as instructed. Just under 10 minutes later, I was getting out of car to go in and cancel the order. I had Ice cream melting. Girl was walking out with bag. She went back in. I looked in the bag. I walked in to counter, people behind the counter ignored me. Eventually a girl made eye contact.

I told her the order was short. She said not a word. Another girl came and took the bag. She walked over to the fry bin and started to get fries. I have had problems with the mentally challenged Sunday staff there before.

A few months ago I ordered 4 double cheese burgers. Religious constraints kept my friend from eating them. I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on the commercials and advertisements. As a loyal customer who will not let on horrible burger ruin my experience with the restaurant, I will never purchase that particular burger ever again and not recommend to anyone either. At bonner springs, kc BK.

He took my recipe to view the order but never gave back. Ordered a dbl whopper had gotten a single a1 bun, asked to exchange and he did. Problem was I opened the sandwich and he re wrapped it and served it to another One of your customers. She was older and saw the whole thing. My family and I were eating in the dining area watching the whole thing and your employee was very rude and disturbing to the rest of the guests.

We finished quickly and we do not want to return. So did a father and son. Very disappointed in this experience. We live not far from bonner springs but will not return. That poor woman was treated badley and a supervisor or crew chief should never talk to a customer let alone an older lady like that.

I was so frustrated with this i called your corp number and left a general message. Ordered a chicken sandwich at burger king today, due to the fact that I hate mayonnaise I order it with ketchup and mustard. So, whats my beef, no pun intended I was in a hurry and did not check and got home and had exactly what I did not want lettuce and mayonnaise. Since I live far away and did not want to go back my dog was able to enjoy my lunch, but I am not happy. A woman in Burger King clothes and a drive through headset on guided two young kids one girl about 5 and one boy about 2 into a corner booth where the older one sat and watched some video on what I thought was her mothers phone.

Meanwhile the two year old wiggled busy. After a few minutes the older child went up to the counter and got a tray with food for her and the younger boy. I sat there for about a half an hour while the kids sat there unsupervised.

Even more amazing was that none of the other staff seemed to find this in any way strange. They just went about work like nothing was wrong. What kind of business is Burger King running food or day care? This morning at 9: BK employee asked how many sugars? I answered 15 sugars on the side, please. He asked, How many? I repeated 15 sugars please, He said N, because the can only give me a limited amount. Totally Shocked with his response. The first question on the form is a space to fill in the Burger King restaurant number.

There is an address, a tel. Could you send me a bkexperience form that asks for all manner and form of info. I have the address and tel. Just not the BK restaurant no. What is the BK rest. This particular BK has for some time been printing out receipts with most all info.

Many surveys have not been taken because of this unintentional or intentional oversight. Was at Myrtle Beach 21st Ave location Sun 11 oct. Asked for mgr and just got her internal issues. Left without my sandwich. Crazy rediculous lack of caring or service. I left full story with contact info on survey. I recently visited the Burger King on FM in Dickinson Texas and the people or condescending rude and gave me the wrong order.

When I called back to complain the manager again told me how I was wrong and they gave me free fries and refused to give me the comment or complaint number instead she gave me her district managers number who did not answer. I asked for the question or complaint number and she gave me the district managers number I told her that I did not want the district managers number I want to question our complaint number After arguing back-and-forth to her about the number I finally hung up call the district manager left him a message because he did not answer he still has not called me back and I look this up on the Internet today is the time is one minute until 5 PM.

He was so helpful and we really felt like he wanted to help us. He could train all drive through people across this country. So, thanks for making our experience an enjoyable one. I feel I was discriminated against, at the location on Jericho tpke, in New Hyde park,new york on Sunday,November 1st at about 12 15 am. I knocked on the drive through window and was told that because I am not currently a car owner, I do not have the right to purchase any burger king product.

This is a big deal, and I will not be discriminated by your company because at this point in time I am forced to eat these products. What do you plan on doing to correct this matter. I will wait up to two days for valid correspondence as to your response.

Why do you discriminate against customers at the drive through, because they don,t own a car. It would seem to me that having to eat this low budget food would go hand in hand with a low income, and of course the lack of a car. It is hard to understand why I am required to own a car in order to eat your sub par food. Burger King continues to push the envelope.

I personally have abandoned the chain. Until certain practices are abandoned, I will continue to support other establishments. Her name ia Makenna Ferguson. I lost my receipt and found this site to do this. I watched her take care of an elderly women who was having trouble walking and she waited on her and even gave her a crown when the lady asked for it. And as a veteran, she treated me with great respect, which is very much appreciated. I would give her a raise if it were in my power.

You have a wonderful employee there and I hope you hold on to her. She is a treasure! I wanted to contact your menu development department regarding a new sauce idea…. We had extremely bad service at the kodak,tenn location with malissa. Dont worry face book has room for more complaints! You need to look into this matter. Please email me back thank yiu. I went to the location on led better Dr in Dallas Texas next to sonic at This is feedback from several customer service related problems I had at the Burger King at Nottingham way store number The general manager Daniel Tapia always has a negative attitude and constantly makes me reverse or pull up in the drive thru when there are no cars in line.

On one visit there was brown lettuce on my original chicken sand which. Daniel is not the only employee at this location with a general rude disposition and general lack of concern for the customer service experience. I stopped at Burger King on the way home from church. It is actually out of my way. I ordered 2 Ham Egg Chz Croissant and wanted them cooked fresh. I stood at the counter and heard the door of a microwave pop open after the cook made the sandwiches.

Then she put them on the warmer at the top. I complained at the time that if I wanted them microwave I would have fixed them myself. I phoned the management after I returned home and she told me that I could bring them back if I wanted and she would give me two fresh. She said that the cook did not follow protocol. She nuked both sandwiches. I did not have the Survey Code because for some reason the cashier did not give me the original receipt.

Hosts name was Courtland. Burger King Executive Management, please be informed that your European branches are sending persons back to their country and not renewing visa because management there has not being paying insurance taxes. I know of your Stockholm branch where several employees are sent home, hard working folk. If so, parents such as I who love Burger King will begin a ban in protest.

Work this situation out and find a solution for your employees to stay by fixing your company mistakes. On your Android app, under Hash Brown Burrito you have listed No Allergens however the description states that it contains cheese.

Many of us use these guides for allergy issues. Thank you for updating the listing as needed. I just visited the burger king on admiral and memorial and I will not be returning to start off I had to hunt for a parking spot because all the employees was parked in the customer parking be the building I had to park a ways from building to get parked and there were no customers inside so there should have not been an issue with parking then the person who waited on me was rude while I was trying to give him my order he kept talking to someone on his head set then once I got my food the hash browns where where so hard and still it was like trying to bite in to beef jerky so I feel I need to let someone know about this.

Last night on Jan, 17 at 5pm. Even if we did load it and pulled out the meat our selves the meat would come out raw or burnt. For just giving out my opinion the manager veronica started yelling and disrespecting me. Especially because she is a manager who is suppose to be calm and understanding about the situation that we had with the boiler.

I believe she had anger balled up against me from earlier, I texted our store manager about something that she did at 3pm that day also. It is unbelievable how this happened. I want an answer. I visited one of your Burger King at ? My coffee was cold very cold tasted like it was made with cold water.

The hash browns were ice cold and soggy. Fast food is competitive and good advice to you is to put out a good product. Hi my name is Emily Roeder and I was wondering if you did any type of donations. I work at a school in Clinton Tennessee and we are having several different types of events coming up. Hello my name is richard Hall I picked up some food today with the coupon that you offer. I asked for barbecue sauce for my fries and my chicken sticks they said they had none so they offered me a ranch they gave me two things of ranch for a whole fry and a whole thing chicken fingers.

I did not want ranch I really wanted barbecue not that big of a deal but how can a restaurant of that size run out a barbecue. I had an order mix up and a money shortage at our local Bk.

I immediately called the Bk store and talked to a very nice manager however the mixup was at a location about 5 miles away. When I reported the cash shortage things went downhill from there. She made me feel like I had taken her money and gave her nasty Cold food instead of it being my loss. She loudly informed me that her Gm would not her give the cash back and I could call them. Could she have not checked her books for that shift close before just saying No. Even then the tea was u sweet and I felt like a criminal so I left the building with my bag very dissatisfied.

I went in there with my son on March There was 1 customer ahead of me waiting on his food. I placed my order at 6: Another customer walked in and asked me if I was waiting to order, and I told him I had already ordered over 10 minutes ago, and am still waiting on two fish sandwiches.

So, I went in today at She came up to the counter, I introduced myself, and she said she would be happy to replace my fish. So, I received bad food, was threatened, had to wait 13 minutes by the way, when I left, the original customer was still waiting for two sandwiches, and was lied to by the GM. Rest assured I will not be spending my money at that store anymore. I would have entered a survey, but the receipts are unreadable. I expect more from BK. On March 15, Chicago IL Latonya was very rude and surly.

I called back to complain and Latonya answered the phone and stated that she was the manager. She pushed my change at me and then gave me ketchup instead of jelly. What a rubbish I thought they have nice food the worth to buy from burger king nothing like macdonal. This the last time I buy from burger king nothing like macdonal wrong order rubbish food cold and dirty special the one in eastern avenue ilford staff very rude even manager rude too.

My order was She said it was horrible and will never eat one again. It was all wrinkled and chewy one of the worst she ever had. What I think is that it was setting around and all they did was warm it up. If you are going to serve Hot Dogs they need to be fresh. WE eat there quite often and this time it was a big turn off. We will have to take a break from going there for a while. Sorry to vent but I believe it was necessary.

I was just in Burger King drive thru in Elkhorn, Wi ordered crispy chicken menu medium sized it. I ordered it plain got about 20 minutes away opened it and it has everything on it.

I called the store and was told next time to stop and get a free lunch or I could go into a BK by my house and BK will compt my lunch. Now happy at ALL. The Burger King hot dog Griller?

In particular, the toppings, why not give the customer a choice! Bought the 9 chicken sandwich yesterday and I was telling my wife it was so great. Bought another today and one for my wife too so she could see why I bragged it up the day before. Waited 10 min in drive through and was only vehicle. Got the food, pulled over to taste and chicken was cold and dry… Fries too.

Rice Lake, WI main st. No wonder parking lot is so empty. How can it be so good one day and so bad the next? This is suppose to be a family friendly restaurant and two employees were outside smoking pot next to the outside of their building. My kids asked what are they doing and what is that smell, then 3 weeks prior to this they let a protest hold signs and had a bunch of rude people in their parking lot.

Their should be several people losing their jobs, and these are the people that think they should get paid dollars an hour are you kidding me. I went to the Burger King at Westheimer Rd. I was asked for the number in the right-hand corner. There was no number visible but the coupon was valid until April 24th. I have gone to this Burger King for over 20 years and never go to another burger place, but I am having second thoughts now.

I visited bk in Haleyville Al at 9: The boy working the window joined in, well as long as they work there my money Will be sadly spent elsewhere!

I am a big burger king fan hopefully they can be replaced with adults who can do the job. There was two other customers either side of me in total believe too!

This needs to be sorted and i will not be entering a Burger King for awhile if theses ridiculous portion sizes continue.

While my customer service survey complaints yesterday afternoon went unanswered, after some bizarre behavior from the manager, I must say I failed to mention that when the self service drink machine ran out of orange Hi-C half way through the cup, with syrup dripping like it does at the end, the manager took it and filled it the rest of the way.

Such horrible customer service all around.

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