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30 Expository Writing Prompts 4th Grade

Fourth Grade Expository Writing Prompts

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I like the idea of having each kid choose a reason- that's great cooperative learning going on! My 3rd and 4th graders were having heart attacks at the thought of writing more than 3 paragraphs today This 4th grade teacher would worship the ground you walk on if you taught my incoming 4th graders expository. I may even share your lesson with my 3rd grade teachers.

I have another reason for your list. She used to check my hair for lice whenever I freaked out, because one of my students had lice. I sent the link to your post to my BFF 4th grade teacher and promised her that we would do this activity straight away on Monday morning.

Being the superstar teacher she is, she told me she already saw the post and had sent it me! Loving your blog here in Belgium! I love the good kind of loud in my classroom, and it makes me LOVE the good kind of quiet when I get home. I'm grabbing your button to display on my blog.

Brandee Creating Lifelong Learners. Writing paragraphs doesn't have to be hard. This paragraph writing program is both fun and effective. In addition to the printable writing prompts, graphic organizers, and rubrics, you will also get access to digital, paperless Google Drive slides to use with Google Classroom and other digital platf. Writing-Expository , Writing , Writing-Essays. Activities , Printables , Graphic Organizers.

Informative writing - A research-based, All About Book. This informative writing unit was created to help your students create an All About Book about their favorite animal.

They would through the reasearch and writing processes as the unit aligs directly with the common core standards! Each year my first grade students research animals and create their o. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , Homeschool. Designed with third and fourth graders in mind, this biographies resource includes materials for students to use while conducting research, as well as materials for the presentation of their final writing piece, in a Biography Lapbook.

To complete this project, students: Research , Projects , Nonfiction Book Study. Informational Writing Unit - Writing Workshop. This comprehensive unit addresses all of the informational writing standards! Unit Plans , Printables , Google Apps. This is the companion to my Interactive Writing Notebooks, picking up where it leaves off with more advanced writing assignments. Just like my other products, all of these lessons are differentiated and scaffolded to meet ALL of your students' needs.

This product includes 5 very detailed writing un. Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Printables. Teach your students to write solid argument essays step-by-step with my Argument Writing unit. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for grades This IS included in my mega bundle: Research , Activities , Google Apps.

You want your students to receive meaningful feedback on their papers and grow as writers. You also, though, need to have time to recharge on weekends and holidays without the burden of endless essay stacks hanging over your head.

Teacher Manuals , Assessment , Rubrics. Designed with third and fourth graders in mind, this animals resource includes materials for students to use while conducting research using nonfiction texts, as well as materials for the. Not So Wimpy Teacher. This unit includes everything you need to teach, practice and assess informational report writing for eight full weeks.

March Madness Reading Tournament. This is a project that is great for the intermediate grades! Students select a book to enter into a class March Madness: Battle of the Books Tournament. They will create a persuasive poster and write a persuasive essay encouraging their classmates to vote for their book.

The books are put into b. Projects , Activities , Test Prep. The essay shows organization, figurative language, use of transition words, good word choice, and use of examples. It's a good example to inspire intermediate writers.

Test Prep , Handouts , Printables. You can print it for your students to practice. This one is specifically covering subjects and predicates. I hope you enjoy and come back for the rest of the story. Each part is sold separately or in a bundle for a lower cost passage. Worksheets , Test Prep , Assessment. Test Prep , Printables. This free sample was taken from a twenty-prompt collection of expository STAAR-style prompts for 4th grade. This lesson meets the demands of Common Core writing to sources for narrative writing.

It includes a video link providing a guided instructional approach taking students through writing a response. Short Answer Questions -Tips for Answering.

Helpful Tips for Answering Short Answer Questions We teach our students to use these strategies as a guide for answering essay questions. The students tend to produce higher quality pieces because they aren't skipping steps, instead they have a specific procedure to follow which allows them to resp. Test Prep , Handouts , Posters.


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We flip back and forth throughout the year between the two types of writing. We spend an average of weeks on narrative, and then move on to expository, and so on. Now that we are getting closer and closer to test time, we are .

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This type of writing can include essays, newspaper and magazine articles, instruction manuals, textbooks, encyclopedia articles and other forms of writing, so long as they seek to explain. Expository writing differs from other forms of writing, such as fiction and poetry.

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Although the expository essay can be written in a number of formats, the five-paragraph format is one frequently utilized for fourth-grade students. Brainstorming and Prewriting This is an important first step in writing any essay, especially the expository type. New Expository Writing Prompts That Help 4 th Graders Prepare for Middle School As students get older, teachers expect their writing to grow in both substance and in form. Fourth grade students who are preparing for middle school should write better sentences, paragraphs with clear ideas and a linear structure, and stories or essays that are .

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4th and 5th Grade Writing Folder skills by clearly indentifying the parts and processes of various types of writing. The © BERKELEY COUNTY SCHOOLS 4TH & 5TH GRADE WRITING FOLDER 10 From here you can read, rescore, comment, and print the student's essay. Tactile learners can write their first drafts on sentence strips and use this format to put the events in order before they transcribe their work onto writing paper. Source: Life in First Grade. 8. Informational Writing. Focus upper elementary students on the most important aspects of informational writing while keeping them organized.