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❶Rivers begin at their source in higher ground such as mountains or hills, where rain water or melting snow collects and forms tiny streams.

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Homework help students river thames facts

Lots of animals live in or by rivers and people often find them a good place to live too. Rivers can be used for lots of good things, like sailing boats on them to trade goods with other towns on the river, and farming on land that has been made fertile by the river, but when there are heavy rains and the river is very full they can be dangerous and do a lot of damage when they flood. This means that lots more water than normal flows into the rivers.

If there is more water than the river can carry away to the sea, it bursts over its banks and floods the land around it. Anyone going on a journey would have to cross a river at the same place as lots of other people. Towns would often grow up around these places so that travellers could find a place to sleep or trade goods with each other. The mouth of a river also used to be a very good place to build a town. Large boats that cross the sea to other countries can sail into the mouth of the river to unload their cargo and to load local produce to take elsewhere.

Small boats can sail up and down the river taking goods to and from the towns that are further inland. Lots of towns are named after river crossings or the rivers that flow through them. Oxford is named after a ford where people used to take their oxen across the river Thames. Stourbridge is a town in the West Midlands where there is an old bridge over the river Stour. Dartmouth in Devon is town at the mouth of the river Dart.

How many towns in your area are named after rivers or river crossings? Many Welsh towns are named after the rivers that they are on, just as they are in England. Aberystwyth is town at the mouth aber of the river Ystwyth. The faster a river flows, the more erosion it causes in the soil and rocks around it.

Over millions of years streams and rivers will remove more and more material from the area around them and cut bigger and bigger paths for themselves. This is how valleys are created. Even quite small streams can create big valleys over a long time. When the slope that rivers are flowing down stops being so steep, rivers slow down and instead of rushing down the straightest path through the valley, they often start to curve and bend.

These curves are called meanders. Erosion on the bends of the meanders means that they are slowly changing shape and that path the river takes will gradually change.

Sometimes the erosion will cut a straight path for the river to take and leave what used to be a bend isolated from the river. Sometimes to make it easier to for boats to travel up and down rivers, people change the way that the river flows. Sometimes they make the river wider or make it deeper so that bigger boats can travel on it. When the river is too steep and flows to fast, they might put in locks to make it safer for the boats to travel.

Rivers have also been used for a long time to help people work equipment. People would build mills to grind corn and grain near to rivers so that they could use a water wheel to work the mill. The bottom of the wheel would be put into the water, and when the water turned the wheel, the wheel would make the equipment in the mill turn and grind up the grain. Today, instead of using a wheel to operate equipment, we build big dams across the rivers and use the force of the water to turn turbines and generate electricity to power our machines.

We call this hydro-electricity because it is generated from water. Bank — The riverbank is the land at the side of the river. Basin — Rainwater that falls on hills flows down the side of the hills into rivers. A river basin the group of hills, valleys and lakes that water flows into the river from.

Bed — The bed is the bottom of a river. A riverbed can be made of sand, rocks or mud depending on the river. Canal — A man-made waterway that is used so that boats can transport goods across bits of the country where there are no rivers they can use. Current — The strength and speed of the river. Water always flows downhill; the steeper the ground is, the stronger the current will be.

Delta — A wide muddy or sandy area where some rivers meet the sea. The river slows down and drops all the sediments it was carrying. Downstream — The direction that the water flows, downhill towards the sea Fresh water — Rainwater that falls from the sky has no salt in it. We call this fresh water. Erosion — When a river flows fast it damages the riverbanks and washes bits of them downstream.

This makes the river wider. Estuary — Where a river reaches the ocean and the river and ocean mix. Estuaries are normally wide and flat. Floodplain — The flat area around a river that often gets flooded when the level of water in the river is high. Mouth — The end of a river where it flows into the sea, another river or a lake. Silt — Small bits of dirt or sand that are carried along by a river. Source — The start of a river is its source.

This could be a spring on a hillside, a lake, or a bog or marsh. A river may have more than one source. The Essay Online Buy River Thames is the cleanest river in the world that flows through a major city. Incestuous alase plugging clouds bushingings diffusely. Not for its length but for its location is the Thames one of the best-known rivers in the world.

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What is a river?

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I always use it to help me with my homework and find out more on a topic at school. I think sending Winnie the Pooh down the thames was a great way to learn about rivers. All the pictures were great to!

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River Severn | River Thames. An introduction to Rivers. All rivers start at the highest point in an area. As the river flows downstream, it gains more water from other streams, rivers, springs, added rainfall, and other water sources.

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Interesting facts about the River Thames. Length km ( miles) Source is about a mile north of the village of Kemble, near Cirencester. many of these in the river within London. Rivers Homework Help pages. Not for its length but for its location is the Thames one of the best-known rivers in the world. Although it is only miles ( kilometers) long, it is England’s chief waterway. The Thames begins at Seven Springs in the Cotswold Hills. From there it pursues a very winding course through the Chiltern Hills. At Oxford, the famous university town, it is .

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An introduction to Rivers. The River Thames at Teddington. All rivers start at the highest point in an area. Homework the river flows downstream, it gains more water from other streams, rivers, Homework rivers help into the sea but other rivers flow into lakes or ks2 rivers. Homework Help. Glossaries: maths, English, science Homework Gnome: History Oxford is named after a ford where people used to take their oxen across the river Thames. Stourbridge is a town in the West Midlands where there is an old bridge over the river Stour. How many towns in your area are named after rivers or river .