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What to Do When You Have a Difficult Marketing Paper to Write

International Journal of Research in Marketing

❶If only companies could find a Silver Bullet to solve all their woes.

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Official Journal of the European Marketing Academy

Snack-food giant Frito-Lay, for example, needed to know if the billions it spent each year on advertising was working. Marriott wanted to launch a new chain of residence hotels, but wasn't sure how the market would react to the idea. Shell Oil wanted to redefine product offerings based on customers' perceptions and needs. These are just a handful of the corporations that have improved performance, launched new products, and refined their pricing and merchandising tactics using the market research tools created by the Wharton Marketing Department.

Beyond the Last Touch: Attribution in Online Advertising , Ron Berman. Markopoulos and Kartik Hosanagar. Evidence and Checklists , J. Scott Armstrong and Kesten C. Is Advance Selling Desirable with Competition? Cachon and Pnina Feldman. Does Adding Inventory Increase Sales? Evidence of a Scarcity Effect in U. Automobile Dealerships , Gerard P. Cachon, Santiago Gallino, and Marcelo Olivares.

Bradlow, and Peter S. Competing by Restricting Choice: Schrift, and Gal Zauberman. Fader, and Senthil K. Agency Selling or Reselling? An Application of the Index Method , J. Armstrong, Rui Du, Kesten C. Green, and Andreas Graefe. Is Dynamic Competition Socially Beneficial? Simmons, and Cade Massey. Feit, and Randall C. Extrapolative Beliefs in Perceptual and Economic Decisions: Armstrong, and Alfred G. Ready for Pretesting Advertisements , Kesten C. Armstrong, Rui Du, and Andreas Graefe.

Fader, and Bruce G. Item Response Models of Probability Judgments: Merkle, Mark Steyvers, Barbara A. Mellers, and Philip E. Schrift, Ran Kivetz, and Oded Netzer. From Primed Concepts to Action: Conspicuous Consumption on the Long Tail: How can Luxury Brands Benefit from Counterfeits? Feit, and Eric T. Golden Rule of Forecasting: Be Conservative , J. Looking for My Self: Coleman and Patti Williams. Simple Versus Complex Forecasting: The Evidence , Kesten C.

Golden Rule of Forecasting Rearticulated: Armstrong, and Andreas Graefe. Perkins, Soyeon Ahn, and Arlette C. Closing the Gap between Marketing and Finance: Schrift and Moty Amar. Simmons, and Leif D. Do you study marketing? If so, you know that this discipline involves constantly writing academic papers on many different topics: The range of subjects touched upon and the variety of methods used in marketing term papers is so great that it seems almost impossible for any single person to achieve a professional understanding of the subject in its entirety.

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Free white papers and articles on different marketing research techniques. Topics range from advertising research, to innovation, to concept testing and product testing, to win-loss evaluation. These articles detail the best practices for research. All articles were written by marketing research professionals.

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