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Wireless Communications Essay

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❶History, elation, and Impact on effective Business Communication Email in Business Communication Electronic Mail Impact of Email to Business Communication Implications of Emails as Business Communication Tools Email is an important form of communication in today's organization that is increasingly seeing a geographical dispersal of the workforce.

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I am currently typing these sentences onto a laptop, where I am also currently watching a grainy YouTube video of the legendary magician Harry Houdini, performing one of his legendary escapes -- from a straitjacket, in this case.

Houdini is probably the most famous stage magician of the twentieth century, as witnessed by the fact that his name is familiar to my generation although he died almost a century ago. If Houdini were to suddenly reappear in front of me right now -- in the flesh, I mean, and not merely on YouTube -- how would I explain to him that the way in which all of this is taking place?

To someone who has been dead for a century, the…… [Read More]. Wireless Local Area Networks. The vendors offer several products for sale that hovers around different wireless standards like They termed it However, to our misfortune the Due to these ordinary Which one is right for You?

The IEEE standard is an extension of the original Communication Is Key in All Aspects of. Communication is key in all aspects of business. It provides potential clients and customers with contact information, business information and much more. Businesses receive information daily through a variety of sources.

We listen to the radio, watch television, and read magazines for both information and entertainment. Businesses use communication technologies when they advertise to sell us products and services. Specific tools that can be used for communication include telephones, pagers and facsimile machines. The telephone is perhaps the most important vehicle of communication as it is used for both incoming and outgoing contact. Most businesses start with at least one line that is unique to the business.

This line usually has the capability to take messages in case it is not answered personally. In addition, the wireless telephone is getting to the point of being a requirement.

With a wireless telephone, a person can always be reached. There are many…… [Read More]. Communication Gap Overcoming Identified Communication. Often, in fact, there can be an overabundance of communication without any effective organization or leveraging of the information thus obtained, which can lead to serious detriments to any organization or endeavor Lager It is bad enough when one arm of an organization doesn't seem to know what the other is doing, but the problem seems somehow conceptually worse when the various arms have information regarding the rest of the organization, but don't utilize it.

This is, unfortunately, partly occurring in my organization, and is also an issue I need to deal with personally as I incorporate the organization's goals and actions into my own thinking and methods.

This concept of the correct processing and utilization of information goes further than simply making the organization run more efficiently on an internal level. Especially as new regions of the world are becoming increasingly important for business, the use of communication…… [Read More].

Wireless Personal Area Networks An. Great sums of money are being invested to further enhance product differentiation. The presence of highly enforced industry standards provides assurance that the future will continue to be consumer-friendly. It is the end user community that truly drives advancement. They provide the vast sums of revenue that the manufacturers seek. In the final analysis, though, innovations such as PANs must be viewed as interim technology that represents a stepping-stone on the way to ubiquitous computing where computers simply disappear and become integrated into all aspects of daily life.

Researchers say it's possible. Nextel Communications Inc - The high competition rate in the industry necessitates fast and numerous new developments. Court cases take time and energy, while also being highly detrimental to the creative process. In this way, losses are incurred not only in terms of legal fees and work hours, but also in terms of creativity and new products within the company.

In addition, law suits could have a detrimental effect on a company's reputation. If Nextel were for example to lose the case, Verizon receives the right to continue with their product.

Potentially, Nextel's reputation could be harmed by its involvement in an apparently petty attempt to corner the market on their product. Even if the company wins, the result could be equally damaging in terms of lost hours as well as creativity and reputation damages. Furthermore, the…… [Read More]. Wireless LANs have added an entirely new dimension to the communication sector. The advent of cellular technology, infrared and spread spectrum radio services have bought about a huge change to our world of communication and wireless technology has materialized our dream of a mobile workforce.

Today there is no single standard in the industry and there are different wireless technologies available. Let us have a brief outlook of the 'IEEE The MAC layer is meant to handle different physical layers with distinct medium and transmission characteristics.

The standard uses 2. Future of Wireless and Mobility. Yet the aspect of collaborative applications is more than just social networks, it also encompasses the development of entire networks within companies for specific long-range projects, including new product development O'eilly, Wireless providers then are being forced to create more of a portal-based approach to their wireless applications and mobility solutions, as Nokia has continually attempted unsuccessfully to do over the last decade, and as others including Ericcson also are trying.

Wireless providers are overdue for an industry shakeout where consolidation forces the structure of entirely new platforms of collaboration over time. There is also the need to underwrite these platforms through the sales of products and services. The Apple iTunes store is held up as the model of what wireless and mobility providers need to strive for in terms of their efforts to create more meaningful online experiences for their customers, yet the challenge is one of emulating…… [Read More].

Efficient and Effective Communication in. One solution to this problem of incompatibility between different law enforcement agencies is the Dynamic Open Architecture Radio System DOARS , a wireless communications device that can provide wireless communications interoperability and connect incompatible radio systems.

DOARS connects different systems by imitating each radio's functionality in software and hardware modules. It then passes either the voice or data between the different radios and frequencies. DOARS can provide greater frequency band coverage at lower cost and most importantly enhances public safety. Justice Technology Information Network. Retrieved 7 Jan at http: The convenience of wireless communication is so overwhelmingly obvious that given a choice, and provided there are no price constraints, almost everyone would prefer wireless instead of wired communication.

This is reflected in the widespread use of devices such as remote control for TV, cellular telephones, pagers, and remote garage openers. The flexibility, mobility, and convenience that such 'wire-less' devices bring to our lives are simply magical. Who wouldn't like to extend such convenience to their working lives by, e. Or to be able to access their company's data from, say the cab downstairs?

Such convenience is possible through the technology known as Wireless Local Are Networks WLANs , which is an on-premise data communication system that reduces the need for wired connections besides making new applications possible. The technology has made its presence felt in 'vertical'…… [Read More]. Federal Communications Commission FCC Communications have always been critical to humankind's existence and the absence of which means there would have never been the development and evolution of groups, organizations, societies and even nations.

The reason being is there be no ways and means of passing messages, information, and knowledge amongst each other. Thus, humankind would have still been living in the Stone Ages without headways made in the development of communications. Throughout the centuries various improvements have made communications faster and more sophisticated especially with the contributions provided by scientific and technological discoveries and innovations.

Fast forward to the 19th and 20th centuries and modern communications have been enabled via radio, telephone, and television. A further boom in communications innovations came with the advent of computers and the Internet where humankind is now living in…… [Read More]. Communications This age is often referred to as the information era: It's vital to have a comprehensive and concrete understanding of some of the more basic concepts which help to shape this technology, particularly because this data is only going to continue to evolve.

This data will explore, compare and contrast some of those more basic terms. Metropolitan Area Network MAN A metropolitan area network MAN refers to a massive computer network that generally encompasses a city or a large campus, usually interconnecting a range of number local area networks, while engaging in high-capacity infrastructure technology, including fiber-optical links, and offering up-link services to wider area networks…… [Read More].

Ewom Communication and Brand Trust. The corporation or seller could benefit by developing marketing strategies prior to consumer reviews being available online. Seller Response to Novice and Expert Consumers efore allowing consumers to post product reviews on a corporations or sellers website, the seller should consider the size of the segments of expert consumers and novice consumers.

For example, the seller may benefit from selling certain products if a significant number of expert consumers exist, especially for technology driven products.

On the other hand, the seller may damage sales if the expert consumers' segment overshadows that of the novice consumers. Unknown or Less Popular Stores Online Seller Response Relatively unknown corporations should be overly cautious when allowing consumers to post comments on their websites. If brand marketers fail to attract enough consumers to post reviews, the corporation may damage its reputation. Telephone and Its Impact on Communication and. Telephone and its impact on Communication and Technology The humanities generally encompass such subjects as languages, history, philosophy, religion, music and theater, literature, and law; but they also include what is referred to as the "social sciences," which include anthropology, cultural studies, as well as technology and communication.

As part of the "social science" discipline, the telephone has had an enormous impact. Not only has the telephone allowed individuals to communicate over long distances, but by the ancillary technologies it has created wireless communication, internet, etc. The telephone has also created an entirely new field of study called "digital humanities," or the combination of computer technology and the humanities.

Communications in Business Why Should. Unguided media includes terrestrial microwave, satellite microwave, radio and infrared technologies Warner, The security strategies for each class of media must taken into account how each codes, decodes and manages the stream of data across these media types.

For guided media there are several levels of security including access, protocol stability and security, locking data elements and packets, and the use of Cyclic edundancy Checking CC for accuracy and authentication of specific access points,. These media also require the use of protocols that can be used for protecting down to the packet level data being transmitted. For unguided media the challenges are more significant as these are by nature broadcast technologies.

The protocols that these networks transmit must be protected down to the packet and frame level,…… [Read More]. Communication During a Disaster Is Essential to. This module will further discuss the need to implement proper communications and offer suggestions as to communication setup. At the onset of a disaster, there must an alternative communications program set up. There are two key components to a proper emergency alternative communication network.

The first is information transfer. Often during an emergency, concerned citizens tie up the internet attempting to contact family. For this reason, a separate governmental internet server should be established to ensure the…… [Read More]. An intruder might attack from thousands of miles away and never come into direct contact with the system, its administrators or users Pfleeger and Pfleeger, , p.

Authentication is most commonly done by the use of log-on passwords. Knowledge of the password is assumed to guarantee that the user is the person he purports to be. Nevertheless, passwords…… [Read More]. Wireless and Mobile Revolution. Of course, LAN is short for local area networks. They do indeed serve a good purpose and this will be explained in the following section. While LAN's are not all there is to networking, it is surely a big piece of the puzzle Webopedia, As noted before, a LAN is short for Local Area Network and it is basically the most localized and smallest form of network.

Technically, two computers and a printer on a hub is a network. Local Area Networks are usually at least somewhat bigger than that but they are almost always fairly localized in nature. They will almost always be enclosed in a single room, area of a floor, floor of a building or a wider building. Even very small networks can be…… [Read More]. Communication Issues in the Work Environment. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the uses of email in the business world for communication and presents an overview of the positive and negative aspects of its use.

There were four sources used to complete this paper. The technological explosion of the last few decades has taken mankind to heights never before dreamed possible.

Today, with the click of a mouse one can manage their own stocks, plan and purchase vacations, chat with others around the world and make purchases of anything they want or need. Another positive advent stemming from the technological boom is the invention of email. Electronic mail is the process by which one can send message to another or many others with the click of a mouse.

With the invention of email many problems that were an everyday…… [Read More]. Whatsapp Communication Whatsapp the Increased Affordability of. WhatsAPP Communication WhatsApp he increased affordability of cellular devices and service plans has lead to dramatic growth in the use of mobile phones over the past decade.

Over time, as devices have become more sophisticated, new uses have become popular. Initially, text messaging became a very popular form of communication, with individuals quickly sending short text-based messages to each other through their phones Smith, One solution to this problem has become the use of applications that attempt to mimic the behavior of text messages Smith, The increasing significance of digital media and internet is also included.

The most important of them is the advertising of television and the television itself ; the importance of communication in the competitive environment, less protectionist measures of the economic systems, open spaces of competition, complex differentiation Walther, The incorporation of the global markets struggle to remove the inert environment and change them with the…… [Read More]. Public Address the Ceo of Verizon Communications.

Public Address the ceo of verizon communications recently had the great opportunity to attend the Progress and Freedom Foundation Forum in Houston with the keynote speaker being Mr. Seidenberg's presentation before an audience made up of company executives and other interested parties was to say the least the most professional speech I have ever heard.

His opening comments provided much inspiration and showed how important my position with Verizon is to the overall success of the company: We invest more capital, deploy more technology, and serve more customers than virtually anyone else in the country. We've established a record of real investment, real competition, and real innovation. And we've worked hard to put ourselves in a…… [Read More].

E-Mail in Business Communication E-mail: History, elation, and Impact on effective Business Communication Email in Business Communication Electronic Mail Impact of Email to Business Communication Implications of Emails as Business Communication Tools Email is an important form of communication in today's organization that is increasingly seeing a geographical dispersal of the workforce. To communication tool has replaced traditional business letters and memos in preference for email memos.

However, despite the wide acceptance, the tool lacks in social and visual cues which lender the messages toneless. The lack of tone and physical gestures leads to misinterpretation, ill will, disconnectedness, loss of intellectual capital and integrity for the business. The research finds that the informal history of emails, heterogeneity among users, technological limitations in social-emotions, and lack of…… [Read More]. Broadband Wireless and Bluetooth-Based Communications.

Of these three approaches ad-hoc is considered the most adaptable to roaming users and therefore shows the greatest opportunity to support contextual-based use of wireless networks. The concept of the cellular network on the other hand is much more stationary and focused on a set of base stations that require base controllers and network infrastructure to effectively function. This fixed platform nature of the cellular network approach is juxtaposed with the approach increasingly being relied of using ad hoc networks for enable peer-to-peer communications throughout wireless networks.

This aspect of ad hoc wireless network architectures is gaining high levels of interest due to wireless due to WiFi-enabled devices being able to access Facebook, MySpace and other social networking applications. As the ad-hoc architecture inherently supports peer-based communications and is rapidly becoming the foundation of social networking, this type of network architecture is considered highly distributed in nature.

Often wireless network…… [Read More]. Still, fully implementing wireless instrumentation on network scale, no pun intended, has been "an elusive goal for some time," for many industries because of cost and logistical problems. Drake, Also, as electronics and data processing technology using SLIP ring data transmissions systems move forward, and industrial instrumentation developers build finer tuned processes, better management information, and greater productivity and performance,…… [Read More].

Churn is highest in this segment. Small and Medium businesses: The primary segment where bundling is used for generating high loyalty due to the ability of members of this segment to overcome price pressure due to the need to have services in place to support their business models. The services segmentation approach is also heavily used throughout the telecommunications industry as well. These include the following: This segment includes but is not limited to 2G and 3G services and analog 1G services.

The primary uses within this key segment include voice and network access services. Paging and Other Wireless Services: Referring to both one-way and…… [Read More]. Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation Status of the. Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation Status of the Sustainability Movement The telecommunications industry, supported by the United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union, launched a formal cooperative effort to promote sustainable business practices and technology in June The Global e-Sustainability Initiative GeSI was officially launched on World Environment Day with the vision "to help improve the global environment and to enhance human and economic development, and thereby make a key contribution to a global sustainable future" Thomsen, This industry-wide initiative was significant in that its founders included some of the biggest global players: Members implemented various programs to achieve environment-friendly business practices.

For example, British Telecommunications calculated that employee use of audio and video conferencing contributed to saving over one million tons of CO2 emissions the…… [Read More]. History of Wireless Tech In. Paying in cash has been a practice to most Chinese. Credit and debit cards are not in the trend of the Chinese culture. However, with the revolution of the wireless technology, cash would seem to be a little out of the way of how the technology will be utilized.

This is because part of a type of a mobile service uses prepaid methods. Payments for small purchases can be billed along with the monthly wireless bill, the method now used to bill for third-party purchases and services. He also notes that more…… [Read More]. GSM Global Systems for Mobile Communication technology is the most basic form of wireless service that allows users to receive data service by connecting their mobile phones to cell site towers of Cingular.

Cingular Wireless' Promotions strategy is geared toward the mass communication media, such as broadcast television and print media. Through these very powerful media forms, Cingular was able…… [Read More].

This RIS includes Toshiba digital desktop telephones, plus 24 SpectraLink wireless telephones; these wireless phones were programmed to extend the features and capabilities of the users' desktop telephones to anywhere they roam at the bed hospital; however, other wireless technologies such as cellular, could not be used due to the interference with sensitive medical equipment Just the right prescription The hospital's chief operating officer, Darryl Thornton, reported, "Being able to be mobile, yet still receive all our telephone calls, has greatly improved our efficiency and productivity.

Toshiba's SpectraLink solution was the only one we found that would extend our desktop telephones to the palms of our hands" Just the right prescription The RIS also accommodated the needs of the hospital's remote users: The project will also build 6 tents as well as installing 2 generators to enhance smooth operation of the Cambium PTP.

Cambium PTP is an excellent microwave solutions and wireless devices for service providers as well network operators. The Cambium PTP is also an innovative technology that delivers a reliable, secure and cost effective connectivity. The PTP is the wireless broadband solutions with F radio frequency. Link capacity between 10 Mbps and Mbps in each direction. Configurable channel bandwidths between…… [Read More]. Databases and Data Communications Understanding Whether or.

Databases and Data Communications Understanding whether or not the need for a database exist occurs within several types of businesses at all levels. Several professionals have taken time to determine this need in order to improve operations within their operations.

These professionals include educational institutions and doctors, as well as insurance companies. Databases are becoming a part of everyday living. There are several things a database can bring to a company which includes, efficiency and the ability to manipulate, input and use information. These benefits provide organizations with powerful decision making tools that aid in onscreen delivery and printed reports. Possessing a database management system is an essential tool in the ability of an organization to retrieve and store mass amounts of data at command.

Although the possibility of a database being nothing greater than a time consuming expense, when used properly, a database can be an asset to any…… [Read More]. Dial-Up vs Wireless A Business. These costs can difficult to calculate, as they depend upon the ability of the employees.

But one must remember the breadth of experience of new workers in the workplace with wireless. It was concluded that these worker could act as continual helpers in the on-site transition without substantial additional costs to the company.

A second important consideration was the ubiquity of the new wireless technology, and its lack of likelihood of being replaced in the near future by an even superior form of connectivity technology. It is not enough that a technology seem better than preexisting forms, but that the technology has compatibility with preexisting systems, such as dialups, and is also unlikely to be replaced in the near future, and thus requires yet another jarring workplace transition.

As research pointed out that wireless was both compatible with other businesses still using dialups, unlikely to be replaced by better forms…… [Read More]. Mobile and Wireless Portal Eweek com Is a. Mobile and Wireless Portal eWeek. It is the digital version of the eWEEK magazine that discusses technology trends, latest apps, evaluations and business decisions that are made with technology as the underlying element.

It provides comprehensive information about the world of technology and this has helped it to create a niche market for the magazine and its parent company. Description of the portal's structure The portal has a simple design that is appealing to readers. The core emphasis in this website is content and so the entire design revolves around the content that is published here. The site has been divided into numerous categories to make it easy for people to look up what they want quickly and effortlessly.

The broad categories in the site include news, reviews, storage, security,…… [Read More]. Cox Communications Strategic Management Cox Communications based multiservice broad-band communications organization named Cox Communications is headquartered in New York with approximately employees and more than 6m consumers. It's a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

The company has a very capable, reliable and high quality network of broadband delivery due to which the customer service of Cox is unmatchable in the whole industry. To maintain this reputation in cable industry, the administrative system of workforce was upgraded and automated while keeping in view the increased levels of productivity of sales team and decreasing trends of costs.

This is the reason why Cox Communications was successful in maintaining the service delivery. Wallack Automation was the key function which helped Cox Communications to prevail in the U. In order to increase the competitive advantage and sales team productivity, the fortune company decided to automate various systems and processes.

Cox Communications…… [Read More]. Twisted pair cables provide a cheaper alternative to other cable types and are also the most flexible type of cable, but they are less secure and are more prone to losses in data integrity than are other standard cable types Hsieh, Fiber optic cables provide the best protection against interference and are the most secure cable for use in a network, but the cost can be prohibitive and the heightened performance aspects are not necessary in all applications Hsieh, Coaxial cables come in two varieties, thinnet and thicknet, with thinnet being both cheaper and more flexible than twisted pair cables though still more expensive and less flexible and also provide a decent amount of security…… [Read More].

Career Application and Communications Software Mobile-based Customer elationship Management CM Applications Of the many software applications that sales professionals rely on daily, their Customer elationship Management CM systems are the most essential for informing existing customers of new products and sales, and tracking new ones.

Of the many selling and service strategies that CM systems enable, the most valuable is in gaining a degree view of customers and ensuring every department in an organization stays focused on their needs and wants Beasty, CM systems provide sales teams with the ability to coordinate their selling efforts across the company, getting needed support and collaboration with the diverse departments and divisions that they rely on to sell products and services.

The design of CM systems is predicated on creating a system of record…… [Read More]. Importance of Communications and Technology. Disaster Management Communications and Technology in Disaster Management The Importance of Communication and Technology in Disaster Management With the ever increasing chances of disasters occurring in different levels of our societies, the need for institution appropriate disaster management procedures go without saying.

With the increasing complexities, in terms of challenges to disaster management, the need for equally complex measures for managing these disasters has been echoed and this has been practically applied in the contemporary world. Generally, the use of communication and technology in facilitating functions like coordination, commanding and control and providing warnings in disaster management has become widespread.

A case in point is Australia, a country which since history have implemented and continually developed its disaster management strategies Healey, Computer-Mediated Communication Since its advent in the 20th century, Internet technology has become a platform for social, political, and economic interactions and transactions. Currently, cultures and societies are exploring new ways of optimizing Internet technology, from making social interactions easier, more expansive, and more frequent to minute concerns such as transferring money from one person to another via wireless Internet technology.

Indeed, from its current uses and applications to human society, computer-mediated communication has become a way of life, and is no longer a new phenomenon.

In fact, apprehension about the usage of the above-mentioned applications of computer-mediated communication has disappeared as the benefits outweighed its perceived risks and challenges. Indeed, the thesis posited demonstrates how, over time, literature and research studies about computer-mediated communication CMC have been conducted…… [Read More]. Global Communication Benchmarking Competition Ford. Indeed, according to later reports, this is indeed what the company has done.

Whether this will have the desired effect or will simply drive Blockbuster further away from their competitive edge, remains to be seen. Indeed, Netflix has the advantage of diversity in terms of its rental titles. The Johnson piece reports that Blockbuster was planning to gain customers by offering better Internet deals than Netflix.

In retrospect, the problem is however that the deals are so excellent that they badly affect Blockbuster's revenues Cruise, Indeed, the company's current strength - its in-store customers - is being undermined by its efforts to increase its online customers to compete with Netflix.

B Blockbuster believes that it can gain competitive advantage over Netflix by offering better deals to their in store customers, which could also entice online customers away from Netflix Cruise, Integrating Wireless and Ipads.

They are a company that assists organizations and businesses when it comes to issues that involve networking, bandwidth, productivity and connectivity. The client in need of a solution right now is The Athlete's Shack. They are a chain of sporting goods stores with about ten stores in the area. While the company has a technology framework in place, they are lacking a wireless element and they wish to add one. Beyond that, they wish to make use of iPads that can thus link to the wireless infrastructure in the stores.

The Athlete's Shack is unsure on how to initiate and start the process and that is why they are turning to the Wireless Technology Company. Executive Summary The Athlete's Shack is in need of a solution that allows for wireless connectivity along with the use of iPads as a mean to make…… [Read More]. Solutions and Technology" , http: Finance the Market for Wireless. Therefore, while pricing strategies are different, most firms are seeking to differentiate themselves with features they believe will attract their target market, and the pricing reflecting the target market.

Question 2 If a firm such as Samsung wishes to reduce costs there are a number of approaches which may be utilized. Most manufacturers are already using outsourcing for manufacturing either the handsets or some of the components. Costs are often saved by going to firms in countries where there is the ability to makes gains of comparative advantages, especially in areas where wages and overheads are lower. China is particularly well-known as a manufacturing base, but to save costs it would be possible to move to even lower cost countries, such as the African states where there is a lower level of economic development.

However, this may also have costs, as the staff may not be as skills and quality…… [Read More]. The External Audit of Robbins Communications. Specifically, the study conducts analysis of the perceived costs and benefits of maintaining legacy versus next generation Nextgen aviation terminal navigation systems NAVAIDS. The study tests the hypothesis that the cost-benefit ratio of upgrading NAVAIDs to Nextgen systems justifies the expense when compared to continuing to use existing legacy systems.

The null hypothesis is that the cost-benefit ratio of upgrading NAVAIDs to Nextgen systems does not rationalize the expense when compared to continuing to use existing legacy systems. To test this hypothesis, a literature review is conducted of reports in the National Transportation Safety Board database as well as in journal reports and correspondence between agencies regarding Nextgen upgrades in order to determine the extent to which navigational systems were a factor in accidents or present a going concern for stakeholders.

Transfer Through Satellite Communication Systems. After the completion of the design and development of satellites, the systems are normally subjected to waiting periods that span for several years before the identification of an appropriate launch opportunity.

Radio waves travel outwards much like waves in a water pond and become weaker as they travel longer distances. However, the distances covered by the radio waves are very large and are in fact the signals that scientist look for from the farthest galaxies to find the outer extremities of the universe. Since they are electromagnetic waves, radio signals do not need any medium in order to propagate.

Light waves, like radio waves travel, in straight lines and are subject to reflection, refraction, diffraction, absorption and scattering. The entire radio spectrum is divided into very low, low, medium, high, very high, ultra high, super high and extremely high frequencies, and a group frequencies is called a band Haslett, , p. Factors that adversely affect radio signal propagation? There are several factors that affect the radio transmission.

At different frequencies some of these factors affect radio waves more than others. Many of the factors lead to attenuation, which means the weakening of a radio signal as it passes through the atmosphere. All the radio signals are attenuated as they pass through rain or any type of water in the air, such as cloud, snow sleet etc, but radio signals at higher frequencies are attenuated more than the radio signals at lower frequencies Xiao, , p.

This layer affects the radio waves due to the presence of a large number of electrons and other ions. This layer causes two major disturbances in the transmission of radio waves: Faraday Rotation — This phenomena is whereby the polarization plane of radio waves rotates due to the interaction between radio waves and earth, especially magnetic flux lines and electrons in the ionosphere.

This interference causes a lot of problems chiefly in the satellite communication, especially when plane-polarized waves are used in the MHz band Haslett, , p. Ionosphere Scintillation — This phenomenon arises from spatial and temporal fluctuations in the ionosphere electrical characteristics, and is observed as irregular transient fluctuations in the received signal strength. This phenomenon occurs more often in summer months during the periods of intense solar activity and in equatorial regions.

The level of ionosphere scintillation is inversely proportional to frequency of radio waves Haslett, , p. Using radio signals to carry information a. How information can be added to a radio signal?

A radio wave carries information bearing signals through space. Each carrier may have information encoded directly on it by periodically interrupting its transmission as in Morse code telegraphy, or encoded on it by what is known as a modulation technique.

There are many modulation techniques used to encode the messages the most common ones being amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation Haslett, , p. How a number of different radio signals can be sent from a transmitter to a receiver simultaneously by employing modulation and multiplexing? Modulation and multiplexing are principles of moving information in progressively more efficient methods. Modulation schemes are used to maximize the limited resources of the spectrum.

Multiplexing is a technique whereby several message signals are combined into a composite signal for transmission over a common channel. As the name suggests, in the former case the signals are separated in frequency, while in latter the signals are separated in time Haslett, , p.

Using radio signals for mobile communication a. The basic principle of cellular radio communication systems The purpose of cellular radio is to provide communication between two subscribers separated by thousands of miles.

No satellite or microwave link is established between them, but a frequency band of MHz, assigned by Federal Communications Commission FCC, is used for the transmission of radio waves Bedell, , p.

Cellular radios enhance the use of mobile-radio telephone systems. Their main purpose is to provide voice communications in mobile systems.

There are five components of a cellular telephone system: The figure below shows the operation of a basic Cellular Radio communication System. Fig -1 Diagram of a basic cellular radio telephone System http: This system was first deployed in Chicago in When more capacity was needed, the area served by each transmitter could be divided again to create a new base station.

The development of this concept was the birth of wireless technology as we know it today. In AMOS system voice is transmitted using frequency modulation scheme, and uses the Manchester-coded binary shift keying at 10Kbps Bedell, , p. The communication channels are divided here according to the time slot. TDMA systems can be used with both centralized and de-centralized systems.

The frequency used here is the or the MHz, with frequencies separated by 30 KHz divided into 3 time slots each 6. The figure below shows the operation of a basic TDMA system.

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Wireless technology exists to enhance the human sensory feelings to give people the opportunity to be heard, to listen and be educated, to recognize and be recognized. It is a type of technology that allows you to express yourself anywhere, anytime toward achieving a greater level of communication 3/5(19).

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Free Essay: Wireless Communication Security Abstract In today’s society advances in technology are growing rapidly. Businesses and people are taking full.

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Wireless Communications Protocols in Wi-Fi Wireless It is known that the process of wires and wireless communications in computer networks are subject to specific rules to control the reception of information properly and without any loss or time delay during the exchange of that information. Free Essay: TOSHIBA WIRELESS COMMUNICATION AND VIRTUAL HEALTHCARE A Vision for Remote Diagnostic Access and Service R 10/18/ TM Strategic Management.

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The radio is a wireless form of communication which is transmitted through sounds or signals by electromagnetic waves directly through space to a receiving set. Some types of radio communications are HAM radios, CB (Citizen Band) radios, Cell Phones, Radio Scanners and Walkie-talkies. Radio. technologies, systems - Wireless Communication Technology. No Need for Cables with Bluetooth Essay - Introduction Bluetooth is a wireless LAN technology designed to connect devices of different function such as telephone, notebooks, computers (desktop and .