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Bill Gates

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❶This man independently started his own computer company and built it up to a billion dollar empire.

Essay title: Bill Gates Biography

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Although throughout the years there have been times when Bill Gates has appeared rude and arrogant for example in his company lost a legal battle over Microsoft having monopoly over computers which lost him popularity in the publics eye India Today but he has always recovered his reputation. Bill Gates has forever changed the way that people look at computers and has done the public a great service by improving technology which has improved the day to day lives of most Americans.

Even though some many despise Gates because he is the most wealthy person in the world the general opinion of him is very positive. By building the his company, protecting intellectual property that belonged to him, and making computers available to everyone in their home Bill Gates has permanently changed the way the world uses computers.

His never ending hard work and constant need to improve upon his work has made Bill Gates the wealthiest man in the world. Although in the beginning his dreams and ideas of the technology of the future seemed frivolous to most they have now become a reality because Gates never gave up and pushed through the hard times to make his dreams come true.

Work Cited Lesinski, Jeanne. Lerner Publications Company, Limits of Smartness General Onefile. Enslow Publishers, Inc, The Microsoft Way General Onefile. Web 9 May Bill Gates Research Paper 6 June We will write a custom essay sample on. The major transformation approaching is innovative means of relating with devices. At the same time as the aid of both keyboards and mouse is here to stay, innovative potentials in terms of speech recognition, citing for example may turn mobile devices into an even more powerful tool for communication.

He also depicted the manner the three dimensional computing, collaboration devices as well as robotics are offering new stages for output that will constantly modify the cyberspace industry. Lastly, he imparted his remarks in dropping by institutions regarding the way software is turning out to be an ever more vital element in the development of the sciences, particularly in astronomy as well as biology, giving new opportunities for the development of the software industry.

Gates impatiently waits for the time when the administration of any state can get rid of paper from their systems of justice as well as medical records. Since this particular market does not concern similar aggressive issues that it was usually to be anticipated that it would take a little more time for it to progress into new advances and still the chance for competence, visibility of data as well as doing away with forms is still rather great.

He believes that the growing accessibility of sophisticated visual representations will advance the development of online advertising as well as the information superhighway will ever more afford the best stage for some of the most elaborate as well as targeted innovative advertising efforts.

For the twenty five year that has passed since Gates first encountered the programming language known as BASIC and when he learned the about the GE machine, he has changed the computer industry in a remarkable way. His goal of having every home equipped with a personal computer is happening. His visions have fashioned extremely aggressive software as well as hardware computing industries.

This man has certainly caused a great impact on the way people processes available data. The world has been seen a dramatic change as far as the computer industry is concerned because of one man who dared to realize his noble vision. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Retrieved May 18, , from http: Pearson Education Limited, The Washington Post Company.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: Bill Gates Is a Hero 5 minute speech on a famous person: How about make it original? Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Gates was able to program himself into upper level classes that needed many prerequisites even though he was only a freshman.

He would miss half the semester, show up for the final, and get the best grade in the class. He was naturally gifted with the knowledge to succeed in school. It was in when his long time friend made the discovery that the computer industry was going to take off. Paul Allen and Bill Gates together left Harvard to write a program for the first computer ever made. Later that year both men were employed by the company to write programs.

Gates never returned to college until age 51 as he addressed a commencement and received an honorary degree. Work-Cited Page Lowe, J.

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Gates is an American business executive officer of Microsoft. He was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, He was the second child and only son of William Henry Gates Jr. who was an attorney and former schoolteacher.

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- William H. Gates III Biographical Essay Uploaded by surfchick () on Jan 5, William H. Gates III (Bill Gates) Biography On October 28, William .

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Bill Gates Essay Words | 6 Pages. Bill Gates We read books for a number of reasons but usually because we want to or we have to. When you pick up a book it falls into one of three types, dependent on whether it is a want to or a have to type of book. Bill Gates is also a leading individual shareholder of % of the world stock. Bill Gates father is William H. Gates II. He is a successful attorney of Seattle, and his mother was a teacher, a Principal of .

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Bill Gates Essay Words | 3 Pages. Bill Gates William H. Gates Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation William (Bill) H. Gates is chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the leading provider, worldwide, of software for the personal computer. and employs more than 20, people in 48 countries. William Henry Gates (Bill Gates) is a visionary man who uses the gift to advance and extend the boundary of what software and machines can do. As a result of his work, he had influenced many people. William (Bill) Henry Gates III was born on October 28, in SeattleÐŽ¦s Swedish hospital.4/4(1).