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Debt pressure and interactive use of control systems: Effects on cost of debt. Sorry, this component is empty due to an unexpected error. Find out more About the journal. Articles in press Latest published articles Research article Abstract only The effect of delegation of decision rights and control: The case of lending decisions for small firms.

Research article Abstract only Relationships among types of use, levels of sophistication, and organizational outcomes of performance measurement systems: The crucial role of design choices. Research article Abstract only Subjective bonuses and target setting in budget-based incentive contracts.

Research article Abstract only The moderating role of decision mode in subjective performance evaluation. Research article Abstract only Interview-based research in accounting — Informal norms, translation and vibrancy. Research article Abstract only From emotionality to the cultivation of employability: An ethnography of change in social work expertise following the spread of quantification in a social enterprise.

Authors should strive to produce original, insightful, interesting, important, and theoretically bold research that demonstrates a significant "value-added" contribution to the field's understanding of an issue or topic. Submissions to AMR must extend theory in ways that develop testable knowledge-based claims. To do this, researchers can develop new management and organization theory, significantly challenge or clarify existing theory, synthesize recent advances and ideas into fresh, if not entirely new theory, or initiate a search for new theory by identifying and delineating a novel theoretical problem.

The contributions of AMR articles often are grounded in "normal science disciplines" of economics, psychology, sociology, or social psychology as well as nontraditional perspectives, such as the humanities. Additionally, AMLE publishes work that addresses important issues in the institutional environment and administration of business schools and their stakeholders. The journal's emphasis is on the study of management learning and education in all types of settings—schools and universities as well as businesses and public and non-profit organizations.

AMP articles and symposia are aimed at the non-specialist academic reader with a secondary audience that include existing and future "thought leaders. Reviews published in Annals move above and beyond descriptions of the field — they motivate conceptual integration and set agendas for future research. Annals is published twice a year. The Proceedings is included in the member registration fee for the meeting or non-members of AOM can purchase access to 6-page abridged versions availability limited.

Proceedings is published annually. Find out what is happening within the Academy, its Divisions and Interest Groups, and its members. Each issue has a theme covering various areas of the organization and topics. AcadeMY News is published 10 times per year. The mission of AMJ is to publish empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice. The mission of AMR is to publish theoretical insights that advance our understanding of management and organizations.

AMLE 's mission is to contribute to management learning and education by publishing theory, empirical research, reviews, critiques, and resources that address the processes of management teaching and the learning that results from it.

The Academy of Management Perspectives AMP publishes articles and symposia that address important issues concerning management and business. The mission of Annals is to publish up-to-date, in-depth and integrative reviews of research advances in management.

Each year, the Academy of Management publishes an annual meeting Proceedings publication.


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Journal of Management Research is an online journal, peer-reviewed and published by Macrothink Institute. The journal publishes papers in business, management, marketing, finance, organizational development, corporation administration, human resource management and relevant subjects.

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Journal of Management (JOM) peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a . Management Research Review publishes a wide variety of articles outlining the latest management research. We emphasize management implication from multiple disciplines. We welcome high quality empirical and theoretical studies, literature reviews, and articles with important tactical implications. This journal is a member of and subscribes.

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Preface. It is our pleasure to edit this special issue of Journal of Management Research putting together the accepted papers that were presented at the Global Conference on Business and Social Science held on 15 th and 16 th of December in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. GCBSS received a large number of abstracts for presentations, many of which were of a high quality. Business & Management Journals Share this page Business Management deals with the study of various streams of the business models that are broadly conceived to generate new insights into the societal embeddedness of firms in the entire globe and the consequences of such embeddedness on managerial and business processes, structures, and outcomes.