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Essay on Horror

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❶For example, you should like your family , your friends, your country. Also, there are 3 qualities which you need to forget about forever.

Essay on Honor

Honor Society Essay Papers
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The honor is very close to the honesty. First of all you should not lie to yourself. You need to have some restriction of understanding what you can do and what you cannot do.

What is the honor? This essay is the popular task, which pupils need to write. If you have any difficulties with the honor definition essay, you can order it here and we will be glad to help you. The children get this task, because it develops their personal qualities and it is possible to discuss this theme a lot. Because there is not one simple answer to the question what is the honor. Some people can say about lords from the different poems if they are speaking about the honor.

For other people it is to be calm in different conflict situations. You can choose the most appropriate option for you, because you will be right in all ways. The honor is the respect and the feeling that you are needed and the possibility to find the solution for the different situations, but at the same time not to broke your own principles.

We have this quality when we are born, but it depends only on us if we wish to develop it. This quality will help us to understand not our own importance, but also the importance of all other people, that live around and which we can see every day in our life. People, which have this quality, respect other people and they cannot afford themselves to be rude or impolite.

Also, the honor can give you the confidence in your power and to change your life in the better way. If we estimate ourselves higher, it means, that we will have more opportunities to do something new and useful.

It seems, that everyone was in the situation, when he felt that he was miserable and no one respected him. People have such quality as honor from the childhood and it is impossible to lose it or forget somewhere. The honor is protected by the law and if someone humiliate your honor, he will be punished. But in the real time, it is not true, that people think, that no one respects them. The Great-Souled Man is also he who lives his life as he chooses, as to submit to the will of others would be too closely likened to slavery.

Aristotle thus paints a convoluted picture, at least to modern conception, of the meaning of honor. Despite his great intellectual and philosophical prowess, Aristotle is not infallible in his conclusions. He presents a picture of a figure who is comfortably compared to the modern day aristocrat. Aristotle, having come from a different place and time, may present conclusions that are the product of his age.

Might one then assume that honor is relative? I believe that this is a false and dangerous conclusion. The chivalric code was the code of conduct for knights of the Middle Ages. To abide by this code, though certainly variable from one group to the next, a knight was expected to protect the poor, the weak, and the defenseless; to serve the good, to seek justice, and to generally be upstanding in his conduct.

From this does the most readily identified sense of honor come. Perhaps the closest and most relatable and reliable idea of honor comes from that bastion of desire for honor, France.

It is from the land of the guillotine and champagne that we receive the concept known in the French tongue as Noblesse Oblige. In our modern throw-away culture, it is unsurprising that such a notion should fall out of vogue.

Not solitary in the blame, one must also acknowledge that a certain unsettling cynicism has invaded the modern conservative psyche, in which the individual believes either by choice or by force that those who are less well off than they are only so due to their own poor choices, and thus undeserving of the help of those in higher, more privileged positions.

To this, we shall return further on. Culture of Honor vs. In a society such as ours, in which the civic onus is placed squarely on the law, it is common for the concept of honor to quickly lose relevance in the shadow of the almighty law. If man has the law, he has no perceivable need for honor or morals or ethics, for it is the law that tells us what is right and wrong.

To determine right and wrong in such a way is laziness, and nothing more. Soviet exile-turned-titan of conservative intellectualism, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, spoke on this very issue while speaking truth to the graduating class of Harvard University in If one is right from a legal point of view, nothing more is required.

Nobody will mention that one could still not be entirely right, and urge self-restraint, a willingness to renounce such legal rights, sacrifice and selfless risk. It would sound simply absurd… Everybody operates at the extreme limit of those legal frames.

A lover neither of lawlessness, nor of totalitarianism, Solzhenitsyn nonetheless recognized that an over-dependence on the authority of the law can kill the soul, and the greater the dependence thereupon the quicker the death.

A society which is based on the letter of the law and never reaches any higher is taking very scarce advantage of the high level of human possibilities. The letter of the law is too cold and formal to have a beneficial influence on society. And it will be simply impossible to stand through the trials of this threatening century with only the support of a legalistic structure. Solzhenitsyn speaks of man as if he is not living up to his potential, as if he chooses to limit himself because in so doing he need not worry about stepping out, taking risks, or truly making decisions of consequence.

After all this, what is honor? The very mention of such a phrase may well send many a modern conservative anywhere but where such an abhorrent idea is spoken. Man should be free to do as he chooses, as long as no harm comes to others, so the modern philosophy goes.

But in so doing is harm not done to others? Stated another way, in his choosing to do as he will are not others being harmed?

To do the honorable thing, which most often involves a certain degree of sacrifice, is only a viable option if the primary actor profits, but if he does in fact profit, how honorable was his act of so-called honor?

Man, to be honorable, must defend human obligations, and in a society much more focused on the individual and the material than on the spiritual and the good, the honorable option often requires a break from modern ideals.

Honor witnesses a human obligation that has gone unfulfilled, and it acts. Leave the punditry to lesser men. Some call it natural law, others objective truth; regardless of its designation, it remains one and the same—an unalterable law by which all men are not only expected to adhere in their dealings with others, but also by which all men may hold a reasonable expectation to be dealt with by others.

To seek to live honorably is naught but to satisfy that innate urge felt inside all men and women when presented with a choice between genuine right and wrong. As the social cancer of moral relativism continues to spread throughout modern society, our collective sense of honor continues to wane. The answer is there is no answer. While it may have the same literal definition in different languages and cultures the acts or behaviors which are seen as being honorable are not always the same, which is why we have this discrepancy about what honor really is all about.

To me honor is being yourself, by that I mean not being afraid to be an individual and think for yourself as well as doing what you believe to be the right thing to do.. It takes a real individual with a good sense of self worth to stand up for themselves to think, act and dress how they want. Honorable people throughout history have set the precedent for society.

So in this day an age, where are these honorable people that are going to show us the way? To some people being a brave soldier and dying for your country is honorable. While the deeds that are considered honorable maybe different, I think it all goes back to my point of being an individual and doing what you think is right.

They go to bring the world of God. While those instances maybe different, they have one thing in common, and that is that in both instances the actions are done because of some moral conviction to do what is right.

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Honor is defined as esteem paid to worth and is associated with reverence, dignity, distinction, reputation, good name and a good sense of what is right, just.

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Essay on Honor in Richard II - The Importance of Honor in Richard II The tension-charged exchange between Bolingbroke and Mowbray in the first scenes of Richard II provides exciting action for the audience, and gives a glimpse into trial by combat and the importance of honor in Shakespeare's plays.

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Free Essay: It is better to die with honor than to live with shame It has been said, "I would rather die standing than live on my knees!" (Emiliano. Essay about Honor in the Iliad and Antigone - The notion of honor is prevalent throughout the Iliad and Antigone. Both texts demonstrate that honor is essential to Greek heroes because honor is the foundation of the society and family.

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