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Essay on Education: Short Essay on Education

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❶Informal educational systems have been replaced over time with modern learning facilities with well trained trainers.

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Money would hinder the implementation of the system. The parents would pay two more years for the education of their children. Their children would learn more and gain more knowledge for those additional two year of education. But the parents would be spending a lot more than they expected for good quality education.

The parents are not prepared to pay for two more years of education. The plan of the administration was earlier than expected. And some parents are not happy with this plan because of financial problems.

We will write a custom essay sample on Argumentative Essay: Second, improve the quality education we have in our country. The Philippines need good quality education because we have a poor education system. The K system will help the country to have a higher standard of education the government can add more to the curriculum.

It is enough that the student is prepared when reaching the age of 18 after finishing the K Their minds will be mature enough to think better than what is expected of them if graduated at the age of Lastly, prepare the student for work after graduating. Not all students who graduated will automatically be sent to a university for college. Some students prepare themselves to look for a job for the sake of having money to study in college while some are forced to work for the sake of helping the family.

The students who have accomplished the 12 year system will automatically be recognized professionals because we are following the international education standard. This will be good for our country. Based on the arguments stated, either good or bad, the K system has a good point. Their children will experience good quality education that will good for their future. We all know that some people have financial problems that they go to work after high school. The K system will help students get a better job abroad because of the quality education that follows the international education standard.

The traditional education system of India was quite different from the contemporary one. In traditional Indian society, the number of educational institutions was too small and the content of education was esoteric and essentially related with religion, philosophy, metaphysics and scriptural subjects.

The organizational structure was ascriptive and hereditary. The lower castes, particularly the scheduled castes, were denied education. Even today, the Madrassah education among Muslims is largely based on religion, philosophy and scriptural messages. Shishu Mandirs also have religion and tradition as parts of curriculum.

Modern education is exoteric, open and liberal. The course contents are rationalistic and in tune with the needs of the present-day society. Science and technology, grammar and literature, social philosophy, history and culture, geography and ecology, agriculture and horticulture comprise the vast range of subjects which are taught in schools, colleges and universities.

The modern education lays emphasis on the subjects like freedom, nationality, law, human rights, democracy and scientific world view. The other parts of education are the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which are often organized for total personality development of a student. The modern education is change-oriented and, therefore, courses are modified time and again corresponding to the changes taking place in society at large so as to keep pace with the needs of the changing situations in the wake of fast-changing industrial society.

The present industrial society has opened up a multiplicity of occupations and professions and each one of them is associated with scientific knowledge and skills.

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College Links College Reviews College Essays College Articles. Magazine; Poetry; EDUCATION CHANGE BY THE STUDENTS. July 21, it is time for a change in the American Education System.

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This essay details changes in education, that is, the trends, the causes and the challenges to the process. Jukes () argues that scholars agree that education has been changing over the years with the recent times being characterized by rapid changes.

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Argumentative Essay: A Change in Education System Outline I. Introduction A. Background Information on K education system B. Thesis Statement Arguments regarding the K system A. Parents are not financially stabled 1. Changes in Education essaysEducation is a tool in society that has become a very crucial part of our lives. Although it wasn't given a name before, it has been around since the beginning of time. Eventually, having been there throughout history it has gone through countless changes. Most were u.

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Essay about Changes in the Classroom and Education System. Words 6 Pages. Education System Essay. Education system of Pakistan Introduction It is mandated in the Constitution of Pakistan to provide free and compulsory education to all children between the ages of years and enhance adult literacy. In order to properly change. The Philippines educational system is undergoing a big change which follows the international educational system. The K system is the system used by the United States and other countries.