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dissertation helper jobs
Jeff Wetzler, PhD, Education

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Gregorio unanimously activating electrolytes circles in some way. For more information, visit: Alison is passionate about coaching graduate students. Her clients benefit from her direct yet gentle approach that helps increase awareness of beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that interfere with their dissertation or thesis progress and learn ways to successfully move forward.

Alison strives to create collaborative coaching relationships of safety and openness that help her clients overcome barriers and learn tangible skills that will benefit them beyond the experience of earning their graduate degree. He practiced for 25 years working with internationally recognized award winning architectural firms domestically and abroad. Ray brings his skills in project management and oversight to The Dissertation Coach and is responsible for the well-developed financial system the company uses to run a sound business.

Ray is highly committed to sound financial management of The Dissertation Coach organization so that our coaching and consulting team can focus their energy on serving our clients and helping them succeed. Nikki earned her Ph. Other content interests include health promotion, market research and economic development. Her areas of expertise include survey research including factor analysis and text analytics , psychometrics, program evaluation, and predictive analytics.

Nikki has taught statistics, psychology, and data mining over the past 25 years and is currently Adjunct Faculty at John Hopkins University in the Government Analytics graduate program. She enjoys helping students explore statistical techniques and uncover new insights, but mostly, she loves to see students successfully complete and share their research!

Christopher began his career in higher education at Northern Arizona University where he earned a bachelors degree in sociology and a minor in social work. At the doctoral level, Christopher specialized in social psychology and also obtained formal minors in statistics and both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Christopher is now a professor at Troy University. To date Christopher has published nine peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals, authored eighteen applied research reports, accrued a quarter of a million dollars in research grant funding and coauthored a book on the connections between western social psychology and eastern Zen Buddhism.

His current research interests are grounded in the social psychological domains of emotion, motivation, the self, religion and intimate relationship violence. He has expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. As a statistician, Christopher is an expert in both parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques, including all univariate descriptive statistical techniques, and a wide range of bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques.

At The Dissertation Coach Christopher is deeply committed to providing excellent service to all of his clients as he assists them with any aspect of the dissertation from topic selection to the final defense. Christopher enjoys helping his clients with all aspects of the dissertation process. He feels that it is his responsibility to provide clients with the tools, guidance and knowledge they need to successfully complete their dissertation. Kevin Hylton has a PhD in Sociology from Howard University, a MA in Higher Education Administration and over two decades of experience serving as a research scientist, evaluator, technical advisor and policy advisor to Federal, State and local governments and non-profit organizations.

Most of his research has focused on understanding and improving health disparities and educational inequities among underserved, minority populations. Currently, he serves as program evaluator to small research companies and non-profit organizations. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at colleges and universities in the Washington D. Having co-authored peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, technical reports, he has also presented papers at professional meetings and conferences.

Kevin is well-versed in conducting small and large-scale mix-method studies and also has provided support and advising on both qualitative and quantitative studies. Kevin is passionate about helping graduate students navigate the challenges and obstacles of pursuing a graduate degree and writing their dissertation.

He firmly believes that there is solution to every challenge and obstacle that a student encounters in their pursuit of their graduate degree. She has taught at various local colleges and universities in Los Angeles in subjects ranging from composition to American and British Poetry and Bible as Literature and has acted as thesis advisor for students, guiding them though the process of formulating a topic, conducting appropriate research, setting goals, and producing a written product.

As an editor, she has worked with graduate students and academics at various stages of their careers, providing feedback and assistance on everything from thesis proposals to articles or dissertation chapters to entire book manuscripts. She has experience working with scholars in the fields of literature, history, education, sociology, theology, philosophy, fine arts and art history, and law. Michal has developed a specialty in working with scholars for whom English is not a primary language.

She can help guide students through the entire process of conceptualizing, writing, and editing a dissertation. Michal has a love of language and a thirst for knowledge. Compassionate and attentive, she relishes the opportunity to support students as they find their authentic voices and progress to completion in a timely manner.

Kristine Jones is an experienced qualitative field researcher and has written numerous technical reports, grant proposals, and articles in her academic discipline.

As a faculty member at several universities, both in the U. As a consultant, she enjoys helping students narrow and clarify their research problem, structure arguments, identify optimal methodological approaches, prepare proposals for IRB approval, interpret and synthesize research findings, respond to committee concerns, and produce polished final drafts.

She understands the importance of having a non-judgmental sounding board to help work through problems and analyze qualitative research results in the fundamentally creative process of completing an original research project. Prior to her life in academe, Elline worked as a copyeditor for a variety of newspapers and magazines and in traditional book publishing in New York. She specializes in helping reluctant writers break through their blocks and find passion for their subjects.

Elline enjoys creating positive relationships with her coaching clients so that they can effectively move towards their goals and earn their graduate degrees. Since , she has taught and mentored hundreds of students, and worked specifically with students on special research projects.

Darnise has several publications including her dissertation, a co-edited volume and various articles in anthologies and encyclopedias. Darnise enjoys helping students feel excited about their work, and empowered to complete their research and writing goals. She is inspired to support doctoral students through the critically and uniquely important dissertation process. She is committed to assisting students overcome blocks and general resistance that otherwise hinder their progress.

His research has been published in varied journals focused on psychology, substance use, and statistics. He is dedicated to effectively disseminating knowledge to wide-ranging audiences and his efforts in these areas e. Jim takes great pride in his ability to bridge the gap between quantitative methods and applied research. In doing so, he helps his clients identify and implement the best analytical solutions for rigorously evaluating research hypotheses.

He has also been known to do the impossible — make statistics fun! McGinnis earned his Ph. Harry taught applied mathematics at Florida Tech, mathematics and oceanography at Tallahassee Community College, and graduate public administration at Florida State. McGinnis has chaired over 35 doctoral committees and served as quantitative methodologist on nearly 70 committees at various universities.

He has worked with students in a wide range of academic fields. Harry is known for being a kind and supportive mentor who enjoys supporting students through the dissertation process in a step-by-step manner.

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