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❶If I were to play the pick

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In the past ten years, the triple has come up only four times as the winning number. What is the probability of winning the pick-3 on a given day? What is the probability of losing the pick-3 on a given day?

It appears that if I select the correct number that I win to 1 but we know the lottery is actually making a profit. Calculate your expected winnings and interpret that value in the context of how much of each dollar the lottery keeps for itself. The excerpt from the commission's report mentions that people tend to select numbers they feel comfortable with.

If I were to play the pick I would likely select my wife's birthday. How much more or less likely am I to win with as opposed to a triple such as ?

The excerpt also mentions that in the past ten years of the daily game, the triple has only come up four times. Explain whether or not this is unusual Hint: Consider the number of days in the ten years mentioned in the report.

Work must be thoroughly explained and neatly written or it will not be graded. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Also, there is only 1 winner on a given day Each of the possible permutations are "equally likely", so choosing has the same probability of winning as any other triple including Florida Lottery 4 Digit. AP stats homework question? The majority of students are different in the way they approach learning and also learn at their level.

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